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Hey everyone! I have been using this fantastic dating website called Hily.com and I just couldn’t help but share my joyful experience with the rest of the world! The best thing about Hily is that it is simple, intuitive and yet very sophisticated. I have been using it for a couple of months now and I have a very good idea about all its features and services and in order to help others, I have decided to write a comprehensive hily dating site review. Are you ready? Here we go!

About me

I am a 25 year old male, a resident of the United States and about a year ago, I found myself in an awkward state as I wanted to meet new people, but I couldn’t find the time for it due to my stressful job. I tried a lot of different methods and services which included many online services but to no avail. One day my friend introduced me to Hily.com and from that moment onwards, the dating scene changed completely for me. I found a wonderful woman in a very short while and we have been going out ever since! With all that I experienced, I realized that many people may be constantly finding themselves in a similar situation and hence, I decided to the right thing by compiling this informative review of Hily.com for everyone out there who are still searching for a companion.

What is Hily.com?

Hily is an international online dating service that is accessible on the internet as a website and on the mobile devices as an app. The service came into existence due to an ever increasing demand by people who wanted a, fast, efficient and reliable way of meeting other people. For now all the aspects of the service are free of charge. The staff at Hily work tirelessly to ensure the smoothness of the process and the safety of its clients. In the subsequent sections, I would be mentioning its features one-by-one and primarily expanding upon the registration process and the layout of the website for the purpose of this review.

The Registration Process

The registration process is quite intuitive but nonetheless, this review will serve as a guide. When you visit the website, the main page would allow you to login or if you are a first time user, you would be able to create a new account by clicking on the corresponding button.

Registration process

For our convenience, the website also allows us to sign up through our Facebook accounts. Once you choose the option of creating a new account, you would be asked in some of your personal information such as the email ID, password, gender etc.; pretty standard stuff. I have summarised the steps as a list:

  1. Enter basic information like email address, gender and create a password.
  2. Enter birth date
  3. Enter zip code
  4. Upload profile picture
Basic Information
Step 1: Basic Information

Subsequent steps involve entering your, birth date, zip code, and uploading a profile picture which, like on every social media platform in existence today, will be the first thing a potential companion would be seeing when they click on your profile. So, choose your picture wisely! Common tips and tricks regarding the profile picture usually revolve around not uploading anything too flashy. Ensure that the photo is clear and that your face is clearly visible.

Basic Info Hily
Step 2: Birth Date


Zip Code Hily
Step 3: Zip Code

You are asked to enter your zip code as the website’s algorithm would use it to find “matches” near your location. This makes the dating process highly convenient as you can actually go out with the person on a real date!

Profile Photo Hily
Step 4: Profile Photo

Once you have completed all the steps successfully, you would be asked to verify your email address. Be sure to check your inbox and your spam folder. Once you have successfully registered as a user, you are greeted with an interactive tutorial about how the site works.

Tutorial Hily

The Hily.com tutorial touches upon the most important features of the site like, liking a person’s profile, disliking a person’s profile and clicking on a profile to view it in its entirety. The interface is smooth as butter as the tutorial seamlessly shifts into the real deal, which is called the “Finder” mode, and you are greeted with profiles of beautiful people near you. You can choose to “like” or “dislike” their profiles although I would advise you to expand upon their profile and get to know more about the person before delivering your verdict on them.

Before really getting started, it is advisable to review your “preferences” which is accessible by clicking on the icon in the toolbar of the site.

The Preferences menu at Hily
The Preferences menu

On the same note, go ahead and review your general settings as well. At the very first glance, you would see your personal information along with a few more options relevant to the dating scene in general.

General Settings at Hily.com
General Settings (a)


General Settings (b) at Hily.com
General Settings (b)

As you can see, you are given a lot of options for customizing your profile and setting your preferences in order to find the best matches for you.

Moving on to the remaining sections of the site, let us talk about the “Messages” section first. You can access it by clicking on “Messages” in the toolbar at the top. Note that in order to send and receive messages to someone, both of you must have mutually liked each other. This is an important mechanic of Hily as it helps prevent spamming or flooding of a user’s inbox with messages from the masses using this service. The final section has a lot of stuff going on. It is the “Events” section. It records pretty much any activity your profile gets going which include storing, the likes you have given out, the likes you have received and the mutual likes that you have received.

Hily.com Protection Against Scam and Fraud

I highly recommend every user to read up on the privacy policy as soon as you register on the website. Information is power and your best defense against potential scams and frauds. Technically speaking, the website uses state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption mechanisms that safeguard the personal data of its users and make the site immune to cyber attacks. All users must be educated in the basic “safe-practices” on the web which include, but not limited to, not giving out your personal information recklessly, not sending money to someone you only met online and not meeting up with a person you met on the internet in a non-public location. Whenever in doubt, feel free to contact the staff at Hily. Contacting customer support is very easy. All you have to do is click on the dropdown icon next to your profile picture and choose “Support”. You would be taken to page as shown in the image:

Hily Customer Support
Customer Support

The next steps are as simple as typing in your issue/concern and clicking “Send”.

Some drawbacks of Hily

Like every other service, online or otherwise, there are a few drawbacks to using Hily as a dating service. Firstly, you cannot take a casual approach to Hily. It is a very serious tool and therefore it is quite strict when it comes to protecting the information and the rights of its users. You should not expect to find “easy” matches as soon as you register. The system of mutual likes would not allow that to happen and if you don’t get mutual likes, you wouldn’t be able to initiate a chat with other people. Everything about you and your profile has to be methodical, every photo you upload goes through moderation and Hily reserves the right to reject any photo that it deems inappropriate. In the event that any of your actions are deemed to be harmful or malicious towards the Hily community, you can expect appropriate legal actions to be taken against you. The Hily community relies on trust and respect amongst its members and any violations will be dealt with seriously.


Hily is a wonderful service that surpasses its competitors in pretty much all aspects. Hily is the love child of technical brilliance and the dedication of its outstanding staff who work hard to create a safe, secure and a friendly environment for all its users. Every coin has two sides and one could encounter pitfalls if they are not careful. Not everyone out there has your best interests at heart, and you have to be smart when you are out in the dating world. Hily is not an end product, it is always a work in progress, as new challenges force the staff to implement new solutions. With that said, go and register now, read up on all the information about the site, familiarize yourself with safe practices and find who you are looking for.

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12 thoughts on “Hily Dating Site Review

  1. I had so much fun while using Hily. This dating site is number one because it truly helps you to find a partner. Since the day I signed up I started receiving a lot of messages from men from different countries. They all seemed very interesting in sending me a gift. I was very surprised because nowadays it’s rare if a man pays a bill. I think when you like someone from a dating site you value this person more because you are not next to him or her and you do your best to impress that person. Men from Hily are 100% gentlemen. This is what we girls admire.

  2. My colleague used to tell me so much about Hily but I thought she was just lonely and needed the company until she started leaving the office at 6 p.m. exactly headed out somewhere looking stunning.

  3. Looking for a partner on the Internet is much easier that meeting people in bars. If you don’t have much time to go out and introduce yourself, then I think a dating site is a good idea. I never truly trusted online dating until Hily was recommended to me. The site is cool and has so many profiles of good-looking gerls.

  4. I know a lot of people say that dating online is useless but I can prove the opposite. Hily is the dating site that brought me luck and love.

  5. I am completely satisfied with this site. It’s pretty easy to find someone to talk to. And people come across interesting and well-mannered. And this is rarely on dating sites. I’ve already been on one date, I think we’ll continue to communicate with him. Because I liked everything. In general, well done. A good site that helps people find their second half ..

  6. Together with everything that seems to be building within this specific area, many of your points of view are quite refreshing. On the other hand, I beg your pardon, but I do not give credence to your whole idea, all be it radical none the less. It looks to us that your commentary are actually not totally validated and in actuality you are your self not really fully certain of your assertion. In any case I did take pleasure in reading through it.

  7. Hily Is the best dating site.Real verified people simple to join.Very simple to use.Very informational article.Thank you for share with us.

  8. An excellent dating site, I like it! Registration is certainly long, many points and questions, but interesting. After registration, I quickly found someone to talk to. By the way, I want to note that the site really does not have fakes, only real people, well, at least I have not come across them yet. With many already had time to meet and chat in real life! It’s cool that there is such a site!

  9. To find a good dating site is already half the job. After all, 90% of the positive result depends on it. About Hily I hear not for the first time, recently and itself was registered. The contingent, I tell you, is much nicer than on similar sites. Men are intelligent, educated. I like this. I think this is exactly what I needed.

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