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There are so many single people out there in the world! Some find excuses that they don’t have time for dating, or finding a partner, or even starting a relationship. Others aren’t even willing to try because of a bad experience in the past, or because they were already married and now are divorced, with kids, etc.

But love is one of the most beautiful things in our lives. Because of love, people commit unbelievable, beautiful deeds. People have an opportunity to create family, to have kids and eventually to grow old together. Have you ever saw the eyes of a married and elderly couple, when they are walking a together, hand in hand? You probably saw happiness and devotion in their eyes, as if they are silently telling that they love each other.


Our modern life dictates modern solutions. If you want to find someone with whom you’ll eventually grow old, you can use online dating platforms. Some websites help people in finding a perfect match even quicker, then traditional dating. One of such websites is

Platform creators believe that there are too many single people in the world and it would be best to help them out in finding a perfect match. Creators of this website try to help people all over the world, so they have several projects. offers single men and women to find their love, specifically in Asian countries.

In this review, we will provide our readers with all the necessary information about online dating on this website. You can find out about the advantages and disadvantages, is it free to use or you have to pay for the services, how easy is to use this platform, etc. So, if you would love to find the one and the finally, check out our article.

main page

Easy to Use

The first impression after entering the website is positive. You’ll see a stylish design, notice calm colors, absence of advertisement. You immediately see the fields where you can log in, or sign up (if you are a guest).

When users scroll down a bit, they see general information about the project. There is also space with some photos of registered users. Down below you can find regulations and some rules concerning privacy, billing, refund, etc., policies, so you can read those rules before registering.

There is a user’s support, so whenever users have questions or issues they want to fix, they can use customer support. So, the second impression is that the creators protect and care about their clients. If a new user wants to register, he won’t meet any inconveniences or difficulties since the website is easy to use.


In order to start a love journey on this platform, all that a user has to do is to register. The register bar is placed on top of the page, so it would be difficult not to notice it. The required information is simple: just insert your name, e-mail, create a password and accept terms of use and service. Voila! You can use the platform.

Of course, you will have to concretize your idea of a perfect match by completing a questionnaire. Be ready to answer a lot of questions, but it is really worth it. When you fill in the required information, the system will be able to find a perfect match using the inserted info.

If you want to check the website before staying here, you can skip this part and proceed with searching for some profiles. You can use an advanced search and find all the candidates who fit your beliefs about love or family. The tool is easy, you won’t have problems with that.

Signing Up

Unregistered users are obliged to register in order to see the candidates. It’s completely free and doesn’t require personal information or data about where you live, etc. It’s completely safe. In order to register and find your love, complete these steps:

  • Decide, who are you looking for – man, seeking for a woman, or a woman, seeking for a man.
  • Enter your real name – but you are not obliged to insert your surname, just name.
  • Insert day, month and year when you were born. After the account is created, near your name other users will see your age.
  • Electronic address – use the one that is active since you’ll receive a message with a verification link. Sometimes this message is sent into “Spam”, so don’t forget to check that folder as well.
  • Create a strong password.
  • Agree with terms of use and service. If you click on the link, you can read them before agreeing.
  • Then click the “register” button.

Upon completion of these steps, you might want to answer some questions in the questionnaire. It helps this system to find a perfect date for you. But you can skip it and return to this step later. After the questionnaire is completed (or skipped), you can upload photos into your account so that anyone will see you.

It is a well-known fact that people won’t answer your messages if they don’t see your photo or doubt that the one you are using is real. So, the best way to increase the chances of finding a perfect date is to use several pictures or even upload a video of you talking.

Profile Quality and Search System

The search system is excellent. It is mostly based on people’s accounts. This means, for example, someone inserted info in his account that he is looking for a wife, age 26-33, blue-eyed, without smoking or drinking habits, etc. He will receive a list of recommendations based on this information. He might even find a woman who fits all his requests. The same rule works for women; they can insert information in the questionnaire and receive a list of recommendations.

But if you don’t want to wait for recommendations, use the search engine. Simply choose all the parameters you prefer, and you’ll receive a list. If you check the profiles, you’ll see that all of them are filled with photos, videos, and information. So, based on those materials, you can choose one user and start a conversation.


Creators of this website care for the safety of each and any user. This is why you can notice that the platform uses a safe protocol. At the same time, creators ensure that you know basic safety tips, you can find them below on the main page. Despite some issues on the site regarding scams and fake profiles, the site does much to prevent bad experience on the site.


Some services cost a moderate amount of money. It’s obvious that the moment someone with malicious intentions wants to write a message, but have to pay for that service, they won’t proceed. They will leave the account and find the website where they don’t have to pay.

Pros and Cons


  • The intuitive interface where everything is clear and easy.
  • Efficient search system that actually can find a match.
  • Active customer support that really answers all the questions.
  • Simple registration.


  • Most people don’t like the idea of paying for some services.


All the tools are very useful, and they help in finding a decent date candidate. It is evident that the creators of the website were paying attention to details. That is why the questionnaire contains the most important questions that can help the system to find you a perfect match.

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