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Hi, everyone! From personal experience, I know that millions of people on the planet simply do not have time for dating in an age when everyone lives on the Internet. For those who have yet to find their soulmate, I have written a special review about one of my favorite dating sites,, which I often recommend to my friends. I hope it will be helpful to all.

Girls at VictoriaHearts

First Impression

VictoriaHearts is a great and quickly growing online dating website. It is officially registered in California and has gained worldwide recognition, with its primary audience from North America, Australia, and Europe. Boasting more than a decade of being on the market, it has already connected thousands of lonely hearts and hundreds of marriages. Being a premium dating platform, it offers exceptional customer support and cares about the protection of all its clients’ financial and personal information. All data is guarded by the strict laws of the state of California (the U.S.).

Yana profile at VictoriaHearts


The site itself is cozy, with a simple navigation and friendly design that create an ideal environment to meet for the first time and develop meaningful conversations. New profiles of attractive women emerge daily and its matching algorithms quickly discover the most compatible women that have the most promise for online communication and eventually meeting offline. Brian Tucker wrote about his experience in this review about

Photo of user of VictoriaHearts


English is the primary language of communicating on the dating siteNonetheless, many clients from countries like Belgium, Germany, France and other countries do not speak English. They are able to take advantage of the website’s translation services, which will help you engage in phone calls, chats, and e-mails.

Massage alert at Victoriahearts


Registering at VictoriaHearts is very simple and quick, requiring only:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Password

Registration at VictoriaHearts

This information will be enough to create your account at VictoriaHearts. To get the best matches, I recommend adding your personal information, which is very important for women who wish to find someone compatible. I ended up entering my:

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Profile registration at VictoriaHearts


  • My age
  • Education
  • Country
  • Marital status and children
  • Work experience
  • Religion

It is also vital to indicate your preferences concerning your future partner. These criteria are:

  1. The aim of meeting (Marriage, Casual relationship, Online flirting, Online friendship, etc.)
  2. Age
  3. Body type
  4. Country and city
  5. Height and weight
  6. Education
  7. Drinking and smoking habits
  8. Other info.

After spending not more than 15 minutes answering these questionnaires, you’ll gain site membership along with the ability to view ladies’ profiles and communicate with them.

Thank you for registration at VictoriaHearts

Step by Step Guide about How to Register at

Link to this video –

Girls` profiles  offers access to more than 10,000 profiles of the most beautiful women of Europe. I noticed that they are mostly women from Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. And it’s no coincidence the site is popular as guys from the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom are especially interested in meeting ladies from Eastern Europe very much, who are reknown for their femininity and sophistication. Therefore, this website is the ideal place to find yourself a Slavic woman.

Start communicating at victoriahearts

When you sign in, you will immediately see the full list of girls according to your preferences.You can also view your statistics on the righthand side, where you can get the following information:

  1. Messages
  2. Mail
  3. Chat invites
  4. Profile visitors
  5. Girls who Liked your photo
  6. Ladies who added you to their Favorites

If you’re an Alpha male, you can also take the initiative to pursue the women yourself by using the Extended Search option. Click here for more info on how to search on Victoria Hearts, which includes the following criteria:

Extended search at VictoriaHearts

  1. Marital status
  2. Children
  3. Eye color
  4. Education
  5. Drinking and smoking habits
  6. Height and weight
  7. Religion

When you find a girl you can begin your adventure with a live chat.


A website having 128-bit SSL encryption is a very important issue for me and I always confirm its presence before providing any site with my personal data. As a rule, the most reputable online dating sites use this reliable technology to guard their clients against hackers.

This dating site offers paid services. Thankfully, I can quickly pay for them with Visa and MasterCard.

Payment at Victoriahearts

Tariffs at VictoriaHearts are rather clear. Registering and watching ladies` profiles are free services. If you want to make available plenty of other additional services you should pay, of course.

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Victoria Hearts has only one membership subscription at a price of $9.99, which will give you Premium status for an unlimited period and enables you to view your statistics and read incoming messages and mail. You also get 20 credits with your subscription, which is the site’s currency to access all its offerings. You can select from the following packages:

  • $9.99 for 20 credits
  • $28.99 for 50 credits
  • $64.99 for 125 credits
  • $99.99 for 250 credits
  • $214.99 for 750 credits

Once you’ve spent first your 20 credits, I recommend buying a package of 125 credits or more as you will be able to prevent annoying pop-up ads asking for more funds from interrupting the passionate moments of your live chats.

Each minute of communication with other members in the live chat will cost you two credits. Your first e-mail is 10 credits and each subsequent e-mail is 30 credits.

If you want to initiate your interaction with a virtual gift, you should be ready to spend five credits.

Another advantage of is it regularly offers its members discounts on various services. I even got a 50% discount twice! The first was a special Christmas offer, and the second was a personal gift from the site’s team as a reward for my loyalty.

Billing Policy

In particular, Premium status offers you: 

  1. Sending and receiving letters
  2. Chatting using instant messages
  3. Sending various offline gifts and flowers
  4. Sending online gifts
  5. Seeing who watched your profile
  6. Seeing who liked your photos
  7. Making use of the improved live chat support

VictoriaHearts also offers automatic purchases of credits. So every time your balance is empty, you will get additional credits automatically. This option can be switched on and off in the Settings section of your personal account in the Billing category.

Billing at VictoriaHearts

Is VictoriaHearts a scam?

VictoriaHearts is not a scam dating site. Instead, it uses the best methods and technologies to guard all its clients against the very scams they’re concerned about. Therefore, all their clients can rest assured that their private information is carefully protected by the newest SSL-encoding.

For me, that means that no hackers will be able to steal your personal info. Here’s another assessment of VictoriaHearts security –

Scam security at VictoriaHearts

Victoria Hearts also provides its clients with some safety tips. In particular, they are:

  • Never send any money to another member.
  • Never pass personal information to people you haven’t met, including credit card and social security numbers, passwords, and other bank information.
  • Never exchange any of your personal contact details with any site member directly. Use the Exchange Contacts option instead.
  • Never send expensive gifts to your date after your first meeting.

Attention! If you end up being persistently asked to send money either by wire transfer or to an overseas bank to any site member, VictoriaHearts asks that you contact its support team immediately and provide information about the incident.

Here is another valuable review about a similar dating site, VictoriaBridesthat uses the same anti-scam security methods.

Customer support

Customer support is also a vital issue for me. Even though I am an expert in the online industry, sometimes even I have problems with various sites. Therefore, for me, customer support should work quickly. I checked this service at VictoriaHearts several times and can confirm that its staff is very responsive and friendly. When I needed to set up an automatic repurchase of credits, they contacted me in a half hour and clearly explained how to do it. It was the quickest answer from an online dating website that I ever got.

All your questions are answered at any time of the day and night by sending a request on an online contact form, which allows you to describe your problem in detail and add attachments like photos, documents, and screenshots.

Contact VictoriaHearts

You can find this form on any page of the VictoriaHearts dating site. So you don’t need to spend time searching for it at all.  

If you prefer to communicate via e-mail, you can also send your questions

Link to this video –
Plenty of additional information is available on the site’s FAQ. Please also note that all legal information is available in both its Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of

As any dating website, VictoriaHearts has its own pluses and minus. Now I am giving you the most evident ones.

Search at VictoriaHearts

Pluses of VictoriaHearts dating site:

  • First-class service
  • Focused on serious relationships only
  • Individual approach to each client
  • Profiles of more than 10,000 European ladies
  • A wide global network of clients
  • The newest SSL encryption and anti-scam protection
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Realistic prices

Minuses of VictoriaHearts:

  • Chatting and messaging can get expensive
  • No instantaneous Skype call service
  • High price for watching ladies’ videos

My results

I really like this dating site. I met more beautiful and intriguing women there than anywhere else online and I enjoyed every minute spent interacting with them.

But the main reason why I recommend my single friends join Victoria Hearts is that it helped me meet my special woman. I’ve never thought I could fall for someone so hard. And if I had been rather skeptical about a long-distance relationship before, now I understand that distance doesn’t matter when you are getting to know the woman who will eventually be your lover.

And yes, it’s true. Life feels entirely different when you meet your soulmate. Indeed it’s the great feeling of all.

Once my girlfriend and I met in person, I understood that she was the one I had been looking for all my life and decided to delete my account. It was the first time I decided to leave a dating site permanently so I had no idea about how to go through this process. I contacted the support team and explained to them that I didn’t need an account anymore as I had met my lifetime partner. It turned out to be a great decision as they said they understood the situation and accepted my request. The very next day, I received an e-mail that my account was successfully deleted.

Step by Step Guide on How to Cancel subscription
Link to this video –


In this VictoriaHearts dating site review, I want to emphasize that this venue really helps men and women begin their online pursuit of an enduring relationship, across nations and continents. As a result, thousands of people eventually met each other in person, deciding to marry and create families. I also tried to provide you with the most important info on this site in the simplest possible form. I did not want to urge you to register at this website without having all the basic info. However, if reading this review has rejuvenated your interest in meeting a feminine, sophisticated woman from Ukraine, Belarus, or Russia, then register at now and use all the tips I mentioned above.

Good luck and be happy!

Click Here to Find your Love

Disclosure: “Sponsored by VictoriaHearts”

Online Dating Sites Review

First-class services
The site centers on serious relationships only
Almost ten thousands of ladies
No instantaneous Skype call service

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