How to Tell Your Girlfriend that You Love Her


Confession in love is a difficult step, so it’s no surprise you’re nervous and afraid of saying something wrong. But you want to make your words sound perfect. You don’t know what she might answer and if the feeling is mutual. We’ll give you a couple of tips on how to say those three magic words and not look ridiculous in the process.

First of all, the girl can tell that you’re in love b the look of your face. Such a strong feeling is hard to hide. We always notice our closest people’s attitude to us. We see the passion in their burning eyes, their care, and how the relationship is getting much more personal. So you can be sure your girlfriend has already noticed that you’re totally into her. So you have nothing to fear. The only thing that remains is to gather your strength and tell her about your feelings.

Mistakes guys make when confessing love

Some men think that their confession will create a magic bond between them and their girlfriends. If you believe that once you say ‘I love you,’ your crush will be ready to spend the rest of her life with you, you’re wrong. If this way you try to convince her that you need more than just sex, and the girl really means a lot to you, you’re wrong again. The girl won’t fall to your knees after hearing these words. She needs to feel your love. Words won’t change anything.

Often, guys confess their feelings too soon. This is a huge mistake because this way you greatly overestimate the girl’s value in your eyes. She must already be in love with you by the time you say these three magic words. Otherwise, you risk turning into a henpecked boyfriend instead of a reliable and self-confident life partner. And she’ll start abusing you. Here’s a little piece of advice: confess your love after she does or when you already see that she’s in love.

Make sure it’s love

How to make sure you’re not making a mistake and avoid regrets in the future? Here are a few signs you’re doing the right thing.

You always try to impress her

If you truly love the girl, you’re always looking for a way to impress her, make her admire you. You want to protect her and keep her safe from anything that can harm her or her feelings. Her opinion means a lot to you.

You can’t stop thinking about her

When you’re in love, your head is full of thoughts about the object of your feelings. You’re really interested in what she’s doing during the day.

Your feelings make you better

When you truly love someone, you have a natural desire to be the one and only for your loved one. You want to find a better job and do your best to climb up the career ladder. You begin looking after yourself, go to the gym, make a new haircut, and all that stuff.

How to confess love to your crush

Show this

In your case, words aren’t enough to do the trick. Care, attention, help, tender words – all this is important and noticeable, especially if you’re dealing with Russian ladies. Girls appreciate and remember such moments. And if your confession isn’t supported by actions, she may not believe in the sincerity of your feelings.

Just tell her

Choose some unremarkable moment. No restaurants, flowers, or preparations. They don’t matter. Trying too hard, you may look insincere. You should just say ‘I love you,’ look into her eyes and stay calm. That’s all. Of course, you shouldn’t just stand still, waiting for her reaction. Tell her why you love her. Any girl will be pleased to hear sweet words in her address.

How to confess your feelings to a girl: A few more tips

  • Stay calm and be yourself;
  • Make sure that you sound confident;
  • If the feeling isn’t mutual, don’t worry. Maybe she just needs a little more time;
  • Be ready for anything.

That’s all you need to know. Oh, and here’s one more thing to consider: a simple ‘I love you’ is also a huge responsibility.

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