Overview of the RomanceTale Dating Site in 2019 [Updated February 2019]

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For many men, it seems a little old-fashioned to look for a girlfriend in their native towns as it’s so easy to go online and meet thousands of interesting women. That’s the reason why dating sites have become so popular. In this review, we will examine one of them, the international dating site RomanceTale.

RomanceTale Target Audiences

RomanceTale’s target audience is those wanting to build serious relationships with people from different countries. Essentially, they believe that they are more likely to find “the one” online.

RomanceTale is a premium dating platform, which means that members need to pay subscription fees to enjoy all of the site’s advanced features. That way, its active members want to build meaningful relationships with such determination that they’re willing to pay for it.

But for all newcomers, the site is free for some time. Upon completing its simple registration, the visitor gets test credits that he can spend on testing its communication tools such as chat and messaging.

Account Creation

A man wanting to look for love on RomanceTale needs to take three simple steps. The first step is to register and create an account, which takes only about three minutes. 

All the registration form requests is the member’s name, e-mail address and password, which can be entered from any device, including an iPhone.

Registration at RomanceTale

Once he receives a confirmation e-mail, he can click on the link to create his account and then be redirected to his profile. At which point, he is asked to complete two questionnaires.

About Your Date asks that members specify the appearance and personal qualities of the woman of their dreams. 

Registration process at RomanceTale

The second questionnaire asks to provide details about his own appearance, occupation and level of education, among other subjects.

Information about your self at Romancetale

The information is processed by the Romance Tale’s matching algorithms to produce the best matches so it’s recommended to keep the answers as honest as possible.

After completing them, members are strongly advised to upload their best photo in order to get the most responses from the site’s ladies. More information about completing profiles can be viewed at this review by Brian Tucker: https://medium.com/@briantucker1992/romance-tale-review-and-personal-experience-8f2e5b04be6

Add you photo to Romancetale

RomanceTale newcomers will be pleasantly surprised to see messages immediately begin to arrive from vibrant, sexy women. They can choose to respond, or to initiate contact themselves by using its high-quality search options.


Searching is the second step to finding a perfect partner RomanceTalewith the options of a simple search, extended search or Faces. For those who don’t know what kind of woman they are really looking for, the simple search is the best choice because it requests info based on only one category, which is age.

Search at Romancetale

The extended search enables members to choose based on more criteria, such as country of residence, religious beliefs and attitudes towards smoking.

Extended search at Romancetale

The Faces option is perhaps the most amusing, being similar to Tinder. With Faces, the member only sees the profile picture of a woman on the screen and has the option of clicking on Like or Skip. When selecting Like, the lady will get notified and they often respond with a Like or an introductory message.

Tai at Romancetale

More info about the search can be read at the Brian Tucker review.


Communication is the third and the most important step to finding love onlineOn RomanceTale, members can attempt to contact other members and write them at any time of the day or night.

Massage at Romancetale

Women can be contacted by mail, posting a message on her page or a chat invite. Advanced options like instant messaging become available once communication is established.

Romance Tale’s classy ladies are available to anyone with a laptop or smartphone. Although the company hasn’t released its own application yet, a mobile version is available on other apps to text a virtual date while on a treadmill or chilling in a café. The mobile version is fast and easy-to-use, immediately signaling all incoming chat requests and messages. So smartphone users will be fully satisfied.

Prices and Discounts

RomanceTale.com offers only one membership subscription that costs only $9.99, which provides Premium status for an unlimited time. It enables you to read all incoming messages, as well as your statistics, such as number of profile visits, number of Likes and how many women included you among their Favorites. But Premium status alone is not enough to get a relationship going.

All communication with Romance Tale ladies requires payment. Because it’s a global network, the site has its own currency in which all prices are set called “credits”. Premium membership grants you 20 credits, which is enough to get familiar with the various tools but not enough for finding true love. Frankly, they are not enough to even for making new friends since they can easily be spent in 15 minutes.

The cost of using the live chat is 2 credits per minute so 20 credits buy only 10 minutes of instant messaging. Another way to initiate contact with ladies is to send letters of up to 3,500 characters. The price of a first letter is 10 credits, while each subsequent letter costs 30 credits. So your first 20 credits will only enable sending the first letter to two different women.

Another way to start conversations, which only costs five credits, is a virtual gift that can be accompanied by a message of up to 300 characters. It’s a simple romantic gesture that will make a deeper impression on an Asian beauty and enable you to stand out from the rest. All it takes is visiting any profile and clicking on the Virtual Gift button.

Send a gift at RomanceTale

The next step is to choose the most suitable gift in the opened window (see image below), enter the first message and click on the green Send button.  

List of Virtual gift at RomanceTale

These are the three basic forms of communication that a man with 20 credits can try on RomanceTale. Using them at length will require getting a credit package, which can be purchased at any time of the day and night with Visa or MasterCard. The site now offers these credit packages:

  • 20 credits for $9.99;
  • 50 credits for $28.99;
  • 125 credits for $64.99;
  • 250 credits for $99.99;
  • 750 credits for $214.99.

Keep an eye out for discounts offered by RomanceTale, especially around the holidays

Is RomanceTale a scam?

I’m sure that RomanceTale is a reputable dating site, not a scam.

Its team members do their best to protect members from scammers. Support professionals are ready to help anyone who thinks that he has spotted a scammer at any time. The support team doesn’t hesitate to ban anyone who tries to extort money from another member. In such situations, the victims of scammers get their money back.

You can read a great review about RomanceTale here.

Member Support

Another advantage of this site is its support. As RomanceTale positions itself as a premium platform, it must offer high-quality customer service. And it does. Here a member can meet one of the most professional support agents in the online dating field.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So members can count on a quick response from friendly and knowledgeable team members for their questions and problems. And they won’t close any inquiry until they are sure that the problem is resolved.

The support team can be contacted in a number of ways that include:

  • The e-mail address hyperlink at the bottom of each page. How to contact support at RomanceTaleBy clicking on the End button on their keyboard, members can scroll to the bottom where on the lefthand side, they will see the Contact Us link. If they click on it, a pop-up window that allows sending complaints and questions will appear.
  • The Contact Us button at the righthand side of the bottom of each page. Contact Us button at Romance taleAll members need to do is to click on this button and fill in the pop-up contact form, which not allows for describing problems in detail, but also to attach necessary screenshots or files to visualize them. Contact us form at RomanceTale
  • The site’s e-mail address. If a member has problems with getting access to his account or for some reason is unable to open the site, he can always ask for help by sending an e-mail for his offsite account. A support specialist will see the inquiry in his incoming messages and reply as soon as possible. These help requests can be sent to: [email protected].

Unfortunately, the site doesn’t have its own support telephone hotline at the moment. But hopefully, it’ll be launched in the nearest future.

RomanceTale team members are also ready to help anyone who thinks they have spotted a scammer at any time. The moderators don’t hesitate to ban anyone who tries to extort money or gifts. In such situations, the victims of scammers get their money back. Another great review about RomanceTale is available here.

So all these features indicate how RomanceTale is among the Internet’s leading modern dating platforms with many advanced features that present men and women with the unique opportunity to build relationships around the world.

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