How to Get a Girlfriend

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You might be feeling lonely, especially when you see happy couples walking down the street, hand in hand. All your friends are in relationships, and they are so glad. You would love to have someone with whom you’d feel comfortable, and who would attract you. But finding a girlfriend these days is not that easy.

When we are at a certain age, we think that grown-up lives are comfortable. While in high school, we believe that college would be great. In college, we believe that when we graduate and finally get the job, life will be perfect. But you know, it’s good when you’re independent, but for some reason, it’s challenging to find someone to date with. Perhaps, that’s because you’re more responsible when you’re older, and you are more interested in serious relationships.

Although, even when you are younger, getting a girlfriend might be difficult too. In this article, we will show you some tips on how to get a girlfriend. Of course, you will need to decide what type of relationships you would like to have and more importantly, who you consider a perfect girlfriend. Knowing what you want is the first step on the road to success. Below you will find some exciting hacks upon how to get a girlfriend.

Personality Traits

Most likely, you already know what types of physical appearances attract you the most. For instance, some men prefer blond women, others consider that hair color does not matter, but the body type does, etc. But what about personality traits? Do you know who you would like to date? You need to consider that because what matters in any relationship is compatibility.

She might be beautiful, smart, and funny, but if she likes to socialize and you prefer peaceful activities, your relationship won’t last too long. And vice versa, she might be the one who loves reading books, while you are the one who loves hiking, running, studying, dancing, etc. and you might wish to complete all these activities each day. So, think about her traits, and then you’ll receive an answer to where to find a girlfriend. For example, you want her to be active, join a sports club, and you’ll find a perfect match.

Spend More Time Outside

This might sound too obvious, but really, how do you get a girlfriend when you are constantly at home? You need to think of some places where you might go and expand your social circle. If your friends are constantly inviting you to attend some events, don’t decline their offer. Another great idea that will improve your chances of overall success is attending learning classes.

If you ever wanted to learn some language or you are interested in some specific topic or subject, google where you can learn more. For instance, you can attend cooking classes, or you might attend a language school. Even if you don’t find a girlfriend immediately, you will expand your social circle, you’ll meet new people, start hanging out with them, and someday you might encounter a woman of your dreams.

Learn to Understand Women

That’s the skill that will save you in the future. One American author, John Gray, in his book “Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus” states that men and women are different. All the problems that we face in relationships are the results of psychological differences between the sexes. In order to be happy, we need at least a basic understanding of the needs of the opposite sex.

In the 21st century, women don’t like to be appreciated only for their good looks. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to how a woman that is attractive. You just need to appreciate her sense of humor, that she is smart and kind, etc. When you meet a girl, it’s a good idea to compliment her good looks, but in a non-creepy way. For example, compliment her smile.

But when you meet for the second, third, etc., time, you will have to learn more about her personality, so that you will know which of her traits you should respect. If you are looking for a girlfriend, you might want to know the universal tip – women love to be listened to by man. When she’s telling you something about her fears or goals, encourage her. If she accomplished a goal, show that you are very proud of her. It helps a lot.


Both of you will have to learn how to compromise. This skill will help you during all the stages of your relationship. But at the beginning of your relationship, you can convince her that you care about her and really want to establish a strong bond.

For example, both of you are studying or working, and you don’t have time to see each other too often. When she has time to meet you, but you wanted to meet your friends, you might want to cancel your meet-up with friends. When you meet with this woman, casually mention in the conversation that you canceled your meet-up with friends. She will understand that you appreciate her.

How to Start a Conversation

So, how to get a girl? You need to start a conversation. This moment might cause anxiety, but you need to cope with that. Try to boost your confidence, figure out some conversation starters, such as a joke, or a compliment. Be calm and confident, but don’t look as if you are trying to solve a mystery or indefinite integral. Put on your best smile and approach her.

Try to figure out what you have in common so that you can start a meaningful conversation. If you met her in a sports club, you could talk about sports activities. If you’ve met her at the bar, you might start a conversation about a busy day – obviously, if she’s at the bar, she might want to relax after a hard-working or studying day. So, the best idea is to turn this conversation to her job or to study.

Depending on the atmosphere and surroundings, you need to convert a conversation into something meaningful. Because if you didn’t find topics to talk about, both of you would get bored. Then you will probably feel the anxiety, dizziness, and desire to escape. So, try to find interesting topics to talk about as quick as possible.


If you are currently asking yourself, “when will I get a girlfriend?”, the answer is – when you start socializing with people. That’s the first step. The second step is learning to understand women and their needs. And the last but not the least step is to stop being afraid of talking with women. Even if you sometimes fail, don’t let those failures to discourage you.


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