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Technology has helped society in education, work, shopping, games, traveling, etc. Therefore, the question begs, why don’t we start using it for dating? It is not humiliating anymore to look for a bride on dating sites due to the increased technology. In fact, this is a modern and adequate alternative to look for a woman whom you will develop deep feelings for. This article will enlighten you on the critical features of this service.

About LoverWhirl site

In the world of dating, the significant things that you may be looking for will be like security, profiles of high quality, and of course, pretty girls. Well, the LoverWhirl site will not disappoint you. Therefore if you feel you have a lot in common with a girl with a different culture other than local girls, you have the upper hand to get yourself a soul mate in the site and prove that distance does not matter anymore.

LoverWhirl site was created to help the single men and women tired of local mates, to widen their horizons and meet other singles from overseas whom they would never have come across. Along with experience in the dating business, LoveWhirl offers the best new services with the right tools. It is outstanding because of its user-friendly design, quick and effectively working features that will give you excellent services.

main page


Once you enter the site, the registration field is the first thing you will see. If you decide to use this site, then you will have to follow these simple steps for you to register:

Signing up

This step involves filling your details like your name, date of birth, and email and your password. In this step, you will also be required to read the terms of use and agree to them. You will also have to agree to the cookie policy and privacy policy.

LoverWhirl Review

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Filling a questionnaire

In this step, you will give information like your taste, preferences, and qualities. This will help you get the match that you desire. You should always be honest while filling in the questionnaire so the system could find the perfect match for you.

LoverWhril ReviewPutting a profile picture

In this step, you will be required to put your photo so other users could see it. Your photos should be good-looking to gain attention and make an excellent first impression.

LoverWhirl ReviewGiving your bio

Here, you write something small about your lifestyle and interests to make communication easier.

Registration is free, and the process is quick and simple. Once you register, you will receive 20 credits for free so that you could access a database of Asian girls.LoverWhirl Profile

Search options

LoverWhirl site uses search tools that are convenient for you. It includes various ways that will narrow down your selection of potential singles. What separates this site from the other dating sites making it phenomenal, is its search engine. It gathers statistics on your profile and informs you who was interested in you. LoverWhirls site consists of two searching modes:

The first mode is when you give specification on the region and age of your potential bride and later browse through several girls.

The other mode is when the service gives you various filters making the search result as exact as possible. However, this mode is a bit complicated. LoverWhirl Review

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Profile quality

The site is known to be picky when it comes to details. It makes it possible for you to add videos to your profile hence giving you an overall impression. It also avoids the challenges faced by people in other dating sites of getting an old database as it continually updates it. LoverWhirl Review

Pricing on LoveWhirl

This dating site uses a model called a credit system, where you register for free, but for you to use all the extended features of the service, you will have to upgrade your account.  The website gives you offers like:

  • Instant messaging for 2 credits every minute
  • 10 credits for the first letters up to 3500 characters
  • 30 credits of subsequent letter each

If you want to experience the highest quality services, you should be able to spend, but you won’t regret it.LoverWhirl Review

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Ease of using

This site creates an environment, which users find really easy to use. It ensures simplicity from registration to searching for singles. It offers questionnaires for you to quickly fill and start searching for the girl of your dreams without any hustle. LoverWhirl site recognizes communication as a crucial tool to influence your success in building relationships. Therefore, it offers instant chatting, video calls, emails, and gift deliveries, making communication to run smoothly hence providing satisfaction to users. Its outstanding design makes it so easy to operate, thus ensuring excellent results. Furthermore, its menu offers the users with extensive information about the service, the policies rules, and regulations. It also provides guidelines and dating tips that are useful to the user.

LoverWhirl ReviewThe pros and cons of LoverWhirl site


Several benefits of this site make it a recommendable and preferable choice among other dating sites.

Many Dynamic Users

LoverWhirl site has diverse users from different countries like China, Asia, and so on. You will be able to get any girl who will meet your requirements. It also provides you with their profiles so that you can get to know them better. Not to forget, that the girls in this site are of fantastic beauty.

Searching that is fast and simple

This site provides for you two searching modes that will ease your searching. It uses search engines that break down your selection of looking for a single. It also has an extensive database of Asian singles that will provide you with their information that you may need.

It has helpful chatting options

This site has ensured smooth communication by providing chatting options like instant chatting, video calls, emails, and gift deliveries.


LoverWhirl site ensures that they place the security of their users above everything. They use 128 bit SSL encryption to provide total online security. It also ensures that once you pay, the payment process is verified. The site provides confidentiality as it doesn’t reveal any private details to any third parties.

High-quality profiles

This site ensures that all profiles are verified. This will help to prevent any scam hence making it a scam-free area. It also updates all the profiles, therefore able to inform you of any new member and also to ensure the person you are talking with is the right person. It discourages photo editing ensuring all pictures are legit.LoverWhirl Review


There is nothing perfect, and even the best things have their flaws. Despite, this site being the best dating site, it also has some disadvantages.

Lack of FAQ section

One challenge of this site is that it does not have the section for asking a question. If you get to have a question about something and it is not on the site, you may not get those answers. Instead, you will have to contact support, which is still very helpful by the way.

In conclusion, this review has proved that the LoverWhirl site is a high-quality venue providing users with excellent services to help those who are single connect with their soulmates. Its advantageous of extensive searching, real profiles, beautiful ladies, and secure communication makes it thrive over the others. Therefore, if you have been looking for a good dating site to look for a wife, then, LoverWhirl site is your best choice.

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