Best Date Ideas in 2024


Dreaming of turning your first date into a 100% success? You came to a right place, friend. What would you prefer: a hot air balloon ride, a flea market shopping, or maybe a romantic cruise? We present eight ways to surprise your new girlfriend.

An air balloon date

A short flight in a hot air balloon is an unforgettable adventure. Just imagine the basket smoothly floating among the clouds, and beneath it are stunning views of the emerald forests, rainbow valleys, and incredible sunsets. That’s exactly what you need to impress her. To make the flight even more romantic, rent a heart-shaped balloon (though this is probably too much for a first date). The girl will remember such date forever. Just don’t forget to find out if she’s afraid of heights. You don’t want your plans ruined in a second.

Romantic beach dinner

If you live near the sea or the ocean, then there’s no better way to spend a romantic evening than on the beach under the starry sky. Actually, dates like this suit best for romantic proposals or celebrating anniversaries, but if you don’t overdo it with romance, such scenario will work fine for a first or second date. Take a blanket, a bottle of champagne, some fruits, and enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset. Classic.

A rooftop date

Those boring dinners in restaurants are no match for a dinner on the roof of a skyscraper. The romantic atmosphere, clear, starry sky, and the lights of the metropolis underneath you will make this evening special. And the marvelous sunset will be the perfect ending for the date. This idea works great for those, who prefer ukrainian woman

A date in a spa

In case you and your companion are workaholics, a date in the spa will help you relax and forget about deadlines, presentations, and annoying bosses. Relaxing music, a bubble bath, invigorating massage, and tea ceremonies will create a calm atmosphere and turn an ordinary date into a mini vacation for two. Check out the nearest spas in your city.

A car ride

When it comes to intimacy, a short car trip is just what you need. Besides, this idea is a great opportunity to show your passion for adventures. Take some drinks and snacks and spend a few hours outside the bustling city. By the way, if your companion doesn’t know how to drive but wouldn’t mind learning, this trio will help you get even closer.

A French-style picnic

The first thing you want to do on a hot summer day is to get outdoors or at least to the nearest city park. And the best way to enjoy fresh air and beautiful views of the city is to have a small picnic. So why not combine all this into a date idea. Just don’t forget about romance – no sandwiches and quick snacks. Add a French touch to your date with red wine, croissants, fruits, and cheese. Or you can take a thermos with tea or coffee if you plan to spend the whole evening in the park.

Flea market shopping

Exploring the flea market, you can find dozens of wonderful things you’ve never seen. This provides an almost endless source of conversation. If your first date wasn’t very dynamic, it’s a great idea for the second meeting. Usually, such markets are full of cozy cafes with good food and live music. Be sure to buy your girlfriend a small souvenir to remember this day.

Mini cruise

A cruise trip is a synonym for romance. But they’re quite expensive. Besides, it would be weird to invite a girl you almost don’t know to spend a two-week trip with you. Good thing that some companies offer shorter versions of ruises that last from a few hours to a couple of days while their ships are in the port. The only difference of such cruise is that the liner doesn’t go anywhere. Such date isn’t easy to plan, but it will certainly be original.

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