Kismia Review: Tips on How to Meet Someone You Actually Want to Date in 2019

Kismia Review: Tips on How to Meet Someone You Actually Want to Date

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Hi everyone, I’m George. And I’m a happy father of three.  

I’m one of those guys who keeps going until I find the best. I’ve been through lots of dating sites, and when I say lots I mean I’ve been on them since the early 2000s.

But this is a story about how I met my soulmate on And yes—decided to write this review.

What Is Kismia

Life wasn’t always so rosy like this. I’m actually divorced. Twice. But before we go I just want you to know — never stop exploring. So, why Kismia dating?

Why I recommend

First of all, because I met Sarah there.

But even if not considering this, there are real people and profiles. Who don’t have hundreds of other different profiles all over the Internet. Who are simply looking for a soulmate and love.

Actually, that’s the main reason. But let me dive into some more details, so you can decide for yourself.

The signup is quite simple:

Main page of Kismia dating site

It took me less than 20 minutes. You might skip a psychological test, but I strongly recommend that you complete it to see more compatible matches (well-tried!).

Once you’re logged in as a user, you might want to see your matches. And believe me it’s worth it!

Dating game at KismiaKismia has dating game

It took me 2 months, 11 days and 4 hours to find Sarah. I’ve read that some men have found their future wives in less than 2 weeks! I wasn’t that lucky though.

The interface is plain and user-friendly.

Dating at kismia

For those (and for me too) who have a fear of being rejected, you might send greetings, surprises, stickers, gifts, smiles — literally anything you want to slightly start a chat.

Ellah at kismia

Online gifts at kismia

Standart greatings at kismia

Matching game works as on other dating websites. You might see mutual likes in “Matches”, those who like you — in the “they like me” section.

Matches at Kismia

Premium and VIP plans

There are 2 subscription plans: Premium and VIP. I believe everyone knows why paid dating is far more effective than free versions.

I’ve personally used both and should say that even though the free one is more popular, the paid usually delivers more quality.

The Premium plan unlocks free chat with everyone, and this is the reason you should subscribe right away because without it you won’t be able to chat freely. It sucks.

Premium also gives free access to all the photos (BIG plus if you want to see who you message) and allows you to see who likes you. The VIP-status promotes you to the top, so users can notice you first.

Swiping on the go

I can’t imagine people who don’t use their smartphones for checking life online. So Kismia mobile version is quite the winner here.
Mobile version of KismiaDating game at mobile version of Kismia


It took me from 3 to 15 minutes to swipe every day, so the result was great – I’ve met a lot of gorgeous women. Some of them were available at the moment, and sometimes we just had lunches together. As I already said, never stop exploring new things. That’s how I met my wife.

Main menu of mobile version fo kismia

The mobile interface is really friendly, here are more thoughts about Kismia interface –

I registered on desktop, but later I switched to mobile version because I had gotten so addicted to chatting with Sarah.


Girls here are really beautiful and Brian Tucker agree with me at his review. At first I thought they were not real (and some of them were not), but overall it’s fine. You might want to watch this detailed video-review too.


If you speak English, as I do, there’s no problem for you to use Kismia. As well as for Spanish-, French-, Portuguese- and Russian-speaking people.

Kismia support/contact information

If you are wondering about how to contact support, well it’s pretty easy. If you scroll to the very bottom of your page, you will see the following options: 

Kismia menu

Click the “Support” option. The Kismia support page offers additional useful information regarding your account settings, billing, mobile version, and other helpful tips. I recommend checking out the support page even if you don’t necessarily have an issue with your account. I found a lot of helpful information and read some facts I had no idea about before. Under “People Search and Communication”, you can read many useful facts including how to add a person to “favorites”, or how to block and unblock a user on Here is everything you can find on the support page:

Kismia support center

Oh, and don’t forget about the psychological test!

You can also contact Kismia personally if you wish. In order to do so, press “Contacts”. Then you will see the Kismia Email list:

Kismia Support email

You can report an issue with your account to the first email. Keep in mind, that if you have come across a scammer, you should immediately report it to the very first email on the list. I had to report an account who tried to scam me as well a couple of weeks ago. That way you will prevent the scammer from attempting to scam other users on Kismia. These types of people can be very convincing and act as they are regular users who are looking for love, so watch out. Never send any funds to someone you barely know online. You can also find the Kismia email if you go the “Safety Tips” under your profile icon at the top of the page. The following page will explain further what actions you must take if you come across a scammer on a dating site:

Kismia Safety Tips

How to find a good woman? Personal advice

Like any large dating site, as long as you complete your profile, upload a few quality photos and write some lines about yourself, there’s no reason why it won’t work.

Spend some time on your profile, so people will definitely message you because you’re real!

Message women you like with polite, sometimes romantic (women like it) stuff. Not lewd and certainly not rude content. Then, once you have a connection—meet up for dinner.

Signing up on the website and pretending to be a great guy with no sincere info or real photos and lots of skepticism will bring you zero results.

I think Kismia is worth the money if you take the proper time and effort. if you still have any doubts about Kismia, I find one more review made by Nada Burgess 

Remember this is the Internet, and a lot of assholes are around. I had a positive experience with Kismia. Sure, someone had the opposite. Do what you’d like with this fact and never stop exploring new things!

Cheers, George

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