Asian Mail Order Brides

There is nothing eternal in our lives, and love is special. People who have fallen in love at least once in their lives will no longer be able to forget this wonderful, mind-blowing feelings. They want to be around kind, happy, beautiful, and easy ladies. Therefore, Asian brides are considered an ideal option for men because they combine beauty, serenity, and good manners.

According to polls conducted on Facebook, men nowadays are more likely to choose Asian ladies for serious relationships than representatives of other nationalities. Psychologists say such is the popularity of Asian young and mature women because of their attachment to relationships where the husband is the main one in the family.

These women will never allow themselves to be humiliated by their husband. They will never discuss family problems with friends and will always be true to you only. Also, these girls are very hardworking and ambitious because they are always learning something new without forgetting about family and husband. Also, if you choose a woman from Asia, then be prepared for her to never ask you about your ex-girlfriends, relatives, and friends. If you like all these qualities of Asian girls, then be ready to get acquainted with their nationality and even fall in love with one of them.

Where to Find Asian Women for Marriage

So, you decide to find an Asian bride and try to date her. This is a good idea but which country to choose among all? There is no such big difference between them. If you like skinny girls with pale faces and Western looks, then you can choose then you can choose brides from East Asia:

  • China
  • Japan
  • Korea

Girls from these countries are already waiting for men from the USA, and the language barrier is not a problem in this case.


If you like Asian girls with golden skin and tanned, more round face and fit feet, then you should consider dating a bride from Southeast Asia. They are a little more emotional than their European competitors, and unfortunately, they cannot speak English fluently, which again creates a language barrier that can be overcome. In fact, it is all up to you, you can even choose another region.

Most dating sites allow you to view brides profiles for free, so you can sign up for these brides and choose the bride from the region that works best for you. Below you will find a list of trusted sites featuring Asian brides from different regions of Asia.

Facts about Asian Mail Order Brides

Some people call it “Yellow fever” and other people call it a fetish. But it’s not a fetish at all, because there are four main reasons why Western men adore Asian women. There are a lot of reasons why, but there are four main ones. Here are some facts about Asian brides. Men makeover 10,000 marriages with Asian ladies a year, 4,000 of which are with American men. The rest with Canadians, Europeans, and Australians. And surprisingly, 80% of all marriages are successful. The nationalities of these women include Filipino, Indonesian, Thai, and Japanese brides. The divorce rate is 20%, while in the USA, the divorce rate is as high as 40%. Most brides are married between the ages of 20-25 and up to 35+.

They Are Beautiful

Everyone understands that this is not the most important sign when choosing a partner for life. But the truth is that once you meet an Asian beauty, you will never forget her again. Asian brides have exotic looks, and all these beautiful ladies from Asia are fantastically attractive to all men. There are five main reasons why. First, it is their nature that contributes to their appearance and longevity. Secondly, these women adhere to a strict diet and restrict themselves in harmful foods. Third, women are involved in sports, including fitness, which allows them to stay fit for a long time. Also, women have good taste in clothing and choose only what suits them. And finally, they know how to make very good makeup that makes them look even more beautiful.

By nature, Asian women have an oval face, porcelain skin, and a very thin figure. Asian brides are very beautiful, and it is a fact, but nature is not the only reason that creates it. Girls follow a variety of diets, and you are scared that she will not cook anything for you. But in fact, she cooks so delicious healthy food that you no longer want something else. It is very difficult to find an Asian lady who does not attend the gym. It is unknown from which country you choose the Asian wife for yourself, what will be the name of your bride, which dating site you choose. But what is known in advance is that your Asian wife will be very stylish and beautiful. But men rock them not only for this. If you want to know all the secrets of these women, then keep reading.

They Are Smart

This is another positive point in Asian dating. Some people still think that Asian girls are not as smart as Western men and women, but it is not clear why they think so. These are all just stereotypes. Some think that all of these Asian girls, especially from the Southeast, have no proper education. That’s partly true, but only a bit. Honestly, education in some Southeast Asian countries might be better, but that doesn’t mean they’re not as smart as Western women. They just don’t show it, and they don’t have to show themselves to be smarter than men. So, in‌ ‌reality, they are smarter than the lady from the USA.

They Are Very Feminine

Are you tired of modern women? Not all of them, of course. From the strong and independent women who pretend to be strong. These are women who want to be more confident than men and women who always want to be leaders. So are you tired of them already? If so, then you need to find a foreign bride, namely an Asian bride. It doesn’t depend on which country you choose, whether Japan or Vietnam, your Asian bride will be 100% feminine. This is one of the wonderful things that belong to women who grew up in Asia, they belong only to their family, so they are not interested in a career. But another feature is that 95% of Asian women are independent of their husbands. These are exactly the best qualities of these women. But don’t think they are weak and passive. They are the perfect combination of femininity and independence.

They Are Caring

You want to meet a woman from Asia; then there are some things you need to know about her. Love and marriage are their core values in life. The main feature of these hot Asian wives is a strong family, long-lasting relationships, and the happiness of their partners. Long story short, An Asian woman will always do her best to show her endless respect and love. And this is another reason why you may fall in love with her. A woman who respects this is the best future wife.

Where to Find Asian Women for Marriage

These dating sites are selected by many criteria. Many paid and free online dating platforms have been tested. All communication features of each site were tested. Hundreds of reviews about these websites have been read to complete the list. The security and privacy of each site were tested. All you have to do is choose one of these dating sites, find the best Asian woman for free, and start making your love story.

This Asian dating site brings together singles looking for a serious relationship. There are millions of active profiles of women from Asian countries. Members can communicate via chat and email thanks to the latest communication features. Unlike other Asian sites, this site allows its members to share personal information through instant messages.

On this dating site, you can see only selected profiles of Asian brides who have been thoroughly verified by specialists. Registration is free and very easy because it takes less than 1 minute. Support is available around the clock, so if you have any questions, you can contact them. Fantastic match algorithm will help you find a partner for a long relationship.

This site has effective matchmaking with Asian girls for a long-term relationship. There are also great video call features, flowers and gifts, instant messaging, and even gift delivery. The site has thousands of profiles of beautiful women with real photos and videos. There are also excellent search methods that save you time and money.

Each year, more than 1 million new users join this site, and 600 of them create couples and live happily ever after. You get 20 credits for free on this site if you are registering for the first time. All Asian women for marriage gather on this dating platform. There is also a very user-friendly interface that will facilitate your search. 

Here you can meet beautiful girls from all over the world. Skilled matchmaking works here to help you build a real relationship. The site has modern communication methods for effective dating. This site is also safe and has reliable search methods.

Why These Women Join the Sites

Some Western men are still convinced that Asian women are joining the dating site for two reasons: dollars and a green card. In fact, this is not true at all. Yes, some Southeast Asia brides may want to flee their home countries. And yes, some Asian women only want money. Women seeking money are in all races, but their percentage is very small. You can run into one of the gold diggers from Asia but just like in America, Europe, and Africa.


But most of them don’t really want your money. They want to find a loving and caring man, a man who is good enough to become their partner. The reasons why they want to try a long-distance relationship may be different. Some just want to live in the best country in the world. Others believe that men from the West are better than men from their countries. But most important is that most Asian girls join such sites every year, so finding them will be easy.

How Much Do Asian Brides Cost

In fact, people are not for sale now, and Asian brides are no exception. But women are also not free. How is that possible? The first thing you should know is that every man has to pay a dowry to marry a Chinese girl. Asian mail order bride price range varies greatly depending on the location of the bride. For example, if your bride is from Shanghai, it starts at $ 16,000. If your bride lives in the village, then that price starts at $ 10,000.

If you are looking for a bride on dating sites, you are significantly saving money because you only have to pay up to $ 600 for six months of using the site. In case you decide to visit your bride’s country, it will cost up to $ 3,500. If you want to go on a romantic trip, then the price will be from 3,000 USD. The price of the hotel will cost around 1,250 USD for two weeks. And the visa will cost you only about 200 USD. Therefore, it will approximately cost $ 6,000, not including the dowry.


So the conclusion is very simple: don’t ignore dating sites if you want to find an Asian girl. Not only is it the cheapest but also the most convenient way to find these brides by nice images. Read reviews, pick a site, and start your relationship now.

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