Online Dating Opening Lines

It’s a pity to say, but love is a very crucial feeling. You never know where to start and how to continue your conversation. Give up is not the best way in this case. More than that, you have already done 70% of “work” to reach your dream and find your One and Only. Did you remember that you find one of the best online dating websites, sign up and update your profile? When you have done it, don’t miss even a minute. There are a lot of attractive profiles of ladies in the online dating platform. By the way, there are fewer men than women. Be sure that one luxury lady can be in the interest of 10 or more men.

So, hurry up and win the heart of that hot girl. Let’s show that you are better than that 10 or even 20 men. If you want to be like a lion in jungles, read this article and you will indeed not only find but also kiss hot lady from your dreams.

Online Dating Opening Lines

To start with, have you ever heard about typical pick-up trucks like: “Does your mother need son in law?” This line is good to get acquainted in a night club, bar or restaurant. You can talk to the girl there without obstacles. However, in the online dating website, you should hook woman by both well-designed profile and interesting conversation. Let’s discuss seriously what to write in the first message and how to begin.

The first massage should kindle the fire of love or even curiosity in a girl. Namely, this massage should force her to write to you next time. During thinking which question you can ask the girl, don’t rewrite the history. You can write down opening lines in the beginning.  It is the first phrase from your conversation, which should impress her. Opening lines must pick up her instincts, attracts attention, and makes you stand out from the crowd of losers. Do you like it? Keep in mind that there are also open lines that can nullify your chances. For instance, if you will write: “Hello! How are you?” This phrase will annoy her. So, here is one working tip: delete all minds and expressions that came to your bright head at the beginning. A

lso, girls don’t like men who are writing about their sexual dreams, and so on. Don’t start your conversation from the lines like: “You are the sexy baby. I want to get closer with you”. After this most of all, a girl will block you or even your account. Obviously, you can make a lot of other lapses during your conversation. That’s why pay attention to the next tips, and you will catch you fish on bait.

Top 5 Online Dating Openers

Are you ready? There are 4 categories of online dating openers and at least 30 phrases you can use to start your conversation. Let’s start.

Traditional Opener

This is the easiest dating openers to get acquainted. They are common or people of all nationalities and races. The traditional opener is: “Hello,” “Good evening”. It’s better to avoid saying “Hi”, as you are not so close to start with it. On the one hand, it is very annoying because these words use everyone in the world. They are not particular but common. People use them to greet relatives, friends, colleagues, or even rivals. Also, in the answer, you can see the same “Hello” and nothing more. On the other hand, you can always turn on your fantasy and add something new and interesting. For instance:

  • Hey, you seem like a funny person. What do you do for it?
  • Good evening, can I talk to you? There are all sorts of girls stick and try to get acquainted.
  • Hello! Today is a great day, can I cheer you up?
  • Good morning! I sell happiness! Do you want I give you for free?
  • Hey, please change my free time into a chat with you?
  • Hello! I am writing a book about what girls want. Could you tell me?
  • Hey! There are awesome places in your photos. Where is it?
  • Hey. Tell me the best way to spend my salary.
  • Good evening, does it seem to me, or did you really shoot in some movie?
  • Good afternoon, I have a completely non-traditional question for you. I am interested in how would you refuse a young man who would come to you and say: “Let’s get acquainted”?

So, now you have a few traditional dating openers, which will help you to pick up every girl from scratch of your acquaintance.

Profile-Based Opener

Of course, when you are searching for a girlfriend, you open thousands of profiles so that you can use it. Start your conversation by pointing into her hobby, animal, traits of appearance, preferences, or so on you can see in her photos or guess from the profile. Let’s discuss what it could be like:

  • You have such beautiful eyes. I have only been looking at them for a long time, but I do not dare to write.
  • You have a very familiar face! Have you been to the club yesterday?
  • You wrote that you love the “….” Group. Don’t you have their cassette songs?
  • You know, your hair is perfect for the color of my pillow.
  • Nice dress! Only you know, I want to purchase you the handbag to it.
  • Probably, it is terrible to be your friend, because you have overshadowed everyone with your beauty!
  • I am ready to construct a monument to the inventor of the Internet – because without it I would never have seen a photo of such a charming girl like you.
  • I can’t do anything with me: the charm that comes from you deal even through the Internet. May we get acquainted?

Serious-Intent Opener

It is also a direct opener. They show that you have strong intentions without flirt and talkative evenings.

I learned from your page on the social network that you are a big fan of vanilla coffee. But, unfortunately, the Internet is not able to convey the taste and aroma of this drink of the gods. Can you drink a cup of one in real life?

  • Oh no, I see nothing on the monitor screen, blinded by the beauty of your photo. I want to see the original!
  • Have you heard the phrase that with whom you will be led, from that and pick up? So, I like you, and I decided to get some from you!
  • Who are you dating with? Let it be me!
  • When I saw your profile, I was glad that it was great that I was free and that we could meet.

Combination of Dating Openers

If it is hard for you to choose one of the previous categories, use this one.

  • I saw you in a dream today, but you only managed to say your name and surname. And I found you!
  • Do you know the saying “listen to a person and do the opposite”? So, I do not want you to answer me!
  • Can you teach me how to talk to girls?
  • It was difficult, but I wrote to you! Could you give me an answer as a reward?
  • You have an excellent style. Are you a stylist or you have an innate sense of taste?
  • You are the first who made me break the sacred life principle – never and never get acquainted on the Internet. So you are incredible!
  • You have no cats, recipes and “vanilla” phrases on your profile. You are just my ideal! I can’t miss you.

Funny Opening Lines

By the way, when you get acquainted, you can be either serious or funny. You can start your conversion with humorous phrases. Like these:

  • Let’s change our feelings? You will lend me two hundred grams of sadness, and I will give you a kilo of my joy?
  • It has happened! Two damn attractive people have met. Hello!
  • Have you ever been offered a hand and a heart? I am a surgeon, and I have a lot of them!
  • Hello! I have lost my way in life and barely found you. Would you lead me out of the dull world of loneliness?
  • You know, some things are easy to imagine together – black and white, day and night, butter and porridge, you and me …
  • I can swear it would not hurt for you to escort some cavalier at this minute. For your happiness, I’m just here without a lady … for now.

Taking everything into consideration, after reading this article, you have 100% chances to pick up any girl you want. Don’t afraid to make mistakes, because someone can dare your fail. Also, try to be equal enough with your partner and write individual massages for each partner. Don’t write simultaneous lines to two or more girls! Good luck!

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