How to Make the Best of Online Dating in 2019

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Back in the old days, people used to meet in cafes and clubs, and today, everything has become much easier and more difficult at the same time – a lot of dates now happen online. Social networks, chat rooms, dating sites – all this can be quite convenient. You can sit on the couch in your pajamas and flirt with someone thousands of miles away, but often, this flirt leads to nowhere. And you know why? Because people make some mistakes they don’t even notice, but they have a huge effect on the result. Here are some of them.

Don’t post selfies as your profile pictures

Yes, everyone is obsessed with selfies, and selfie sticks prove that. But selfie as a profile photo on a dating site carries a negative message. Your potential partner may think something like ‘He must be a total loner. He has no one to take a proper picture of him’ or ‘Geez, this guy admires himself. He’s probably a total narcissist.’ The photo should look nice and be positive. Don’t frown, don’t take weird poses, and choose the right perspective.

Don’t post a photo of something or someone else, except yourself

Yes, you can love your cat, car, house, sunset in the window, or the fish you caught during your last fishing trip. All this is great, but you don’t need to upload photos with all that stuff to your profile. You’re looking for a person to date you, not your cat.

Don’t post a photo with anything but your face on it

Girls want to see you in full growth. Yes, maybe you have some complexes about some of the shortcomings of your body, but what if your online date grows into a real-life one? It’s better to hear something like ‘You look shorter than I expected’ than to scare your companion off.

Never write ‘I don’t like talking about myself, so just ask me – and I’ll answer the questions you have’

What this phrase means is ‘I’m lazy,’ ‘I don’t like myself,’ or ‘I expect you to do everything for me.’ Sure, a lot of people don’t like to talk about themselves, but when dating online, you have to work hard to make your companion interested in you.

Be polite and answer every message

Even if you don’t care much about the girl, who wrote to you (yes, they write first sometimes), answer her. Just put yourself in her place: what’s it like when you finally get the courage and write to a handsome guy, and he doesn’t even bother to answer? So tell her that you don’t think that you fit each other and wish her luck in finding that special someone.

Don’t limit yourself to one or two sentences

When you’re looking for love online, you must clearly understand what kind of person you need. You’re a grown-up person, so don’t be afraid to tell more about yourself: your potential companion should know as much as possible about you.

Use the chat as a mini first date

If you met on a dating site, you have the same goal. You’re getting to know each other. So, if she doesn’t ask you about anything, you can safely assume that she’s selfish. If she doesn’t talk about herself, she may be hiding something or lying.

Pay attention to the warning signs in her profile

Maybe she constantly posts photos from cruises or expensive yachts. This means she’s materialistic and even boastful. If the first she did was asking for your photo, she’s probably rude and indelicate. And so on.

Always tell the truth

According to the research, 81% of people lie on dating sites: women lie about their weight, while men while about height and income. Take this into account and be honest. After all, if you meet in real life, your companion will find out the truth, anyway.

No matter whom you’re dating – hot Brazilian chicks or ukrainian woman – these rules apply to online dating as a whole. So if you want to make the best of it, be sure to follow them.

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