7 Reasons For Why Do Girls Not Like You in 2019

7 Reasons For Why Do Girls Not Like You

You might have noticed that more than often you end up being rejected by a girl or best case scenario she welcomes you to the friend-zone. You may have a well-paying job, confidence, looks…and still no luck in love life. “But why don’t women like me?”, you may think. Well, sometimes having a job and looks is simply not enough. Not all women are gold-diggers and looking for a Nick Bateman. To better understand what the problem could be, a dating expert has shared his tips on why do girls not like me:

“I used to be one of those guys who tried to attract women by showing off how much money I have. I have to admit, I was really immature and thought it was more than enough to find a woman. Sure it worked on some women, mostly on young ones who ended up using me. While the ones I wanted would not even come near me. I didn’t understand until later when a woman I was in love with straight up told me what an idiot I was…Anyways, I will not go into much detail about me, but let’s just say, she opened my eyes. We never ended up pursuing a relationship, but she made me change into a better man. Here are the possible reasons to why women don’t like you and how to get them to like you.”

Why don’t girls like me

  1. You’re the nice guy! You’re the nice guy!

“You probably don’t want to admit this, but it’s time for you to face the reality. You’re too nice to women. Why don’t girls like nice guys? Well, they like you, but more like a best friend rather than a boyfriend. Are you the guy who always brings her breakfast from Starbucks and listens to her cry about yet another man who broke her heart in hopes of her finally noticing that you’re the one she needs? Seriously, man, stop it. This is the most common way how men get into the friend-zone. Be nice, of course, but to an extent. There’s no reason for you to come over with a pint of ice-cream every time she is having a mental breakdown. She will not sleep with you and will probably not share the ice-cream either.”

   2. You’re too negative You’re too negative

“Another reason to why women might be avoiding you is because you are just a negative person. If you often question yourself on “why don’t girls talk to me”, there could be a reason for that. You think that the life is unfair, your boss being mean to you, and how your loud neighbor is always playing that song you hate. It’s okay to think these things, however, it’s not okay to constantly be talking about your issues with others. I don’t think she wants to hear you complaining about how annoying your boss is and why you don’t enjoy your neighbors’ taste in music. Would you want to hang out with someone who constantly complains about everything? Probably not. Also, please, don’t be that guy who complains to others about how “no woman will ever want me”.

  3. You’re not interesting as a person You’re not interesting as a person

People who have an interesting life attract like-minded individuals. If your life consists of work, food, sleep, then chances are, you will not find a woman that wants to be around you. This type of routine is simply boring. What do you have to offer? Not much, really. Being rich is not enough. Hobbies, interests, and goals are what attracts women.”

  4. You’re overconfident You’re overconfident

“Of course, being confident is important, but you don’t want to come off as arrogant. Being arrogant is one of the biggest turns off to women. Good looking men often pay too much attention to their looks. Stop focusing on how great your body looks in that shirt and start paying attention to more important things in your life.”

How to get girls to like you

  5. Pay attention to your appearance

“To increase your chances of finding the One, always try to keep active, even if you have a very busy life. Go for morning runs or get a gym membership. Pay attention to your wardrobe and never ever go out in dirty or worn-out clothes. Make sure you have a good personal hygiene. Girls don’t like boys who go days without washing their hair or changing their outfit. Women pay attention to the smallest details, so you always have to look and feel your best.”

  6.  Approach women

“One of the top reasons why men assume women don’t like them is because they don’t approach women first. Females can be shy and will not talk to you unless you talk to them first. If you think, “She talks to everyone but me, maybe it’s due to the fact that you never actually introduced yourself to her? Start talking to women more, make them laugh, and flirt. Being friendly and kind will certainly help you to attract women. Good practice for you can be a chatting online with girls at a dating site. This is easy and you can start right now for example at this dating site

 7. Change your lifestyle

“Another tip on how to keep a girl interested is to change up your daily routine. Having a hobby, a lot of interests, and goals is attractive. If you have always wanted to become better at cooking, sign up for a cooking class. If you love sports, why not join a team? Women love seeing men who are passionate about something other than watching TV or going to bars on the weekends.”

These are the tips on why do girls not like me. I hope you found my advice relatable. The good news is that whether you are ‘the nice guy”, a guy who is a little too negative, an overconfident guy, or a guy who currently has a not so interesting life, all of these factors can be easily fixed with a little bit of work from your side. Start working on yourself now and in no time you will have plenty of women head over heels for you, trust me. I wish you all good luck! “

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