How to Meet People Online

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It’s true that some people actually got married after they have met online. You probably have several people who you know, or about whom you’ve been told, that they met their spouses online. It’s true. You actually can meet people online and get married in the future.

Even if you live in a vast city, it’s challenging to find someone. You won’t ask out your colleague or neighbor since you might break up in the future. Can you imagine all those awkward looks you’ll receive afterward? You don’t want that! People can meet each other at events, in parks, bars, clubs, etc. But such an approach might not be suitable for everyone. So, you can meet new people online.

Even if you are looking for friends, that’s a great idea. The world is not limited to the borders of your city or even country; there are like-minded people out there. You might find real friends; your friendship might grow into a romantic relationship. And meeting someone new online is a bit easier since you have time to think about what you want to ask, etc.

In this article, we will review the pros and cons of such an approach so you can decide whether you are interested in meeting people online.

Pros and Cons of Meeting People Online

Most often, people are searching for someone to build serious relationships. But there are people that love exploring new options in life and online meeting gives them such opportunity. You can communicate with people who live on the other side of the planet, find out about their way of thinking, customs, culture, etc. No matter what purpose you have, there always pros and cons to meeting online.


You will be surprised by the number of advantages of meeting people online. You will have time to think about online conversation starters; for instance, you can start with a joke, or ask a meaningful question. Instead of asking or saying something stupid (happens with everyone), you can create a great first impression, and it’s essential. And there are a lot more advantages when you communicate online, let’s see.

Meeting Pople from Other Cultures

You can speak with people who live outside of the borderline of your country or even outside of your continent. This opportunity is beneficial for those seeking friendship because dating a person who lives several thousands of miles away is not the best option. But you can explore the world, not leaving your country. People can tell you everything you want to know.

Finding Like-Minded Individuals

You can find sites or forums where people from all corners of the world can start conversations or launch discussions. Also, you can find chat-rooms where only people who are interested in a specific topic, can chat. You can consider different thoughts or ideas, enter talks, express your point of view, and have fun.

Online Dating Is Very Effective

If you want to find your significant other, dating websites online can make it easier for you to arrange a date. When people meet each other in a coffee shop, in parks, only when they are both crossing a road and exchange phone numbers, they have no clue about each other’s personalities. Imagine, it’s your date day, you meet at a restaurant, and here comes the awkward silence. If you meet online, you don’t respond right away in real life; you take your time to get to know each other better. And when you finally have a meet-up, it won’t be awkward.

Users of Dating Sites Are Single

Have you ever felt as if someone with whom you are chatting on a regular basis that he or she is interested in you? Most people experience such feelings, but when they take the initiative, it turns out that no, he or she was only polite and friendly, in fact, this man or a woman is already in a relationship. It’s embarrassing! But you won’t be wishing to disappear from the planet Earth if you are using a dating website – all people are single. Moreover, everyone wants to find someone.

Saves Your Time

In real life, you meet, start seeing each other, but it takes a while to understand whether you match. You might end up preserving a meaningless relationship for several months. But online dating gives you an opportunity to say right bay to each other, and it’ll be much less painful. Why is that? Because you chat, find out whether you fit each other, if you don’t, you just end it without meeting in life.

You Can Blacklist Those You Don’t Like

If you’ve met someone unpleasant online, you can blacklist them. How to meet people online who won’t send you rude messages? You can use reliable websites, such as,, for dating and Facebook, Twitter, etc., for friendship. But there is always a possibility that you might encounter someone unpleasant. In such a case,   send them to the blacklist. Unfortunately, you can’t do that in real life.


As it was mentioned above, every approach has pros and cons, let’s find out about the scams.


You might fall in love with someone who lives far away. It’s too difficult to sustain a distant relationship, but if you have never met in person, most likely it won’t work. Either you move to one city, or you have to break up.

People Act Differently Online and Offline

You can’t be sure that the person is real. Have you ever read about stories when men met beautiful women online, and it turned out that those were men? Well, some paid dating websites allow students to earn money that way – they pretend to be girls, chat with men, they spend money. In a profile, you can see a photo of a beautiful woman, but in reality, this “woman” cut his face while shaving in the morning.

You Have to Pay

You have to pay for using some websites or apps for dating. On the bride side, not all the apps are pay-to-use.


Now you know where to meet people online. You can use dating websites to find your true love. But if you are looking for friendship, you can join various chat rooms or groups.

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