How to Pick Up Women

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This is a popular question among men on how to pick up girls. This article provides the best tips on what to do if you want to pick up a girl. Here are some pieces of advice if you don`t know how to find a girl of your dreams.


A meeting place is one of the most critical issues because the girl’s behavior will depend on site. Choose quiet places where nothing will stop you from talking. The first meeting is significant, and therefore you need to find the right place. You can choose a restaurant, park or any other area where there are other people besides you. You need to choose a public place so that the girl does not think that you are a maniac and not scared of you. If you want to know how to pick up girls at a bar that its the same as in a cafe, so you just need to start a conversation. It is not necessary to detain a girl very long if she does not have time, so you can simply invite her to a cup of coffee at lunch.


This is an outstanding character trait that helps a girl understand whether she should choose you. If you are a confident person, then you will never doubt the choice, so the girl can easily trust you. Women are very fond of confident men because it gives them confidence in the present and in the future. If a man is not self-confident, then how can he be satisfied in something else? Show your spirit and manage the situation, and you will immediately see the result. A woman always doubts the choice, so you should help her in this, but not confuse her more.

Don’t Pretend

This means that you should never pretend to be someone else. This is very bad because this situation always ends in failure. At first you show yourself as someone else, and maybe the girl will love you, but in reality, she will not love you but the one you pretend to be. If you can pretend to be someone throughout your life, then it is perfect, but you do not have to admire it. For example, if you pretend to be a right person, but you really are not, then you can still fix everything and become a right person. But if you pretend to be a rich person, then it will be difficult for you to become rich in a short amount of time, although that sounds like motivation. In many cases, girls leave guys who pretend to be someone, so think carefully before doing so.

Show Body Language

You have to show your body language in order that the girl can understand your real intentions. If you do not listen to the girl or look in a completely different direction, then most likely, the girl will know that you are indifferent and leave you. You have to show how you feel with the girl and how interesting she is for you, then she will understand this and will want to continue communicating with you. Your body language is one of the main features that help the girl to make a common characteristic about you. You can talk about one thing, but your body language will say something else, and then the girl will understand that something is wrong.
What to do when you pick up a woman – best pick up lines
The best way to pick up a girl is to start with simple things. You can start with something like “Hi” or “How are you,” it will attract the girl’s attention for a few seconds, and then you will be able to tell her something more. You can talk about yourself and also be interested in a girl’s life. If you are using dating platforms, it might be appropriate to start with the phrase “I’m sorry if you’re busy” because many women can do something during the day. Avoid shitty pickup lines, because the girl may be scared and stop talking to you.

Women highly value men’s sense of humor, so you can take advantage of this. You can tell some pertinent jokes at some point, and the girl will definitely appreciate it. If a girl laughs at your jokes, then this is a good sign that she likes you. The tricks help you both relax and socialize in a more comfortable atmosphere, and as a result, you can spend more time together.

Tell the girl about your intentions and goals in life, because women like ambitious men. You can tell her where you work or what your career plans are because it will give the girl confidence in you. Share your real plans for the future with her so that the girl can know what she should expect in a relationship with you.

Dating Sites to Pick Up Girls

In fact, in today’s world, there are so many options where you can meet your love. First, you can reach her on the street in your city and get to know her. Secondly, you can achieve your bride traveling to other countries. Lastly, you can date her on online dating websites, which gives you the opportunity to pick up a chick. Unfortunately, some sites are fake, so below is a list of verified safe dating sites.


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