Where to Meet Singles

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When you’re single, you are thinking of building a relationship with someone significant. Love makes this world a better place. But where can you meet someone who will share your beliefs, with whom you can accomplish goals and who would boost your mood when you are sad or disappointed?

It seems so simple – just go outside, encounter someone, start a conversation and set up a date. But does it that simple? It doesn’t seem like that since if this approach would have a 100% guarantee, there would be no singles out there. The problem that modern singles face is that we have an open world, we can travel, we can participate in various events, we are constantly surrounded by people, but it seems that we don’t have places to meet someone with whom we can build romantic relationships.

Where to meet singles?

It’s not like they have a club which you can join. And singles don’t walk in a city shouting that they are single. You can identify only married people, of course, if they are decent enough and don’t take their wedding rings off. Most people think that there are only several places where they can meet someone, but that is so not true.

In this article, we will tell you about the best places to meet singles. You will be surprised that you can meet someone significant not only in bars, clubs, cafes or at work. This list includes some social activities for singles, meeting while learning, and other tips. This article will hint you how to meet someone without online dating.

Join a club

If you have a hobby, it’s a good idea to share your interests with someone. You might bore your friends and relatives if you’re talking about your hobby non-stop, and they don’t share your interests. But if you join a club, you meet new people, expand your social circle and have lots of people to share your thoughts. Try to pick an activity that is interesting to the opposite sex – you don’t want to join a knitting club even if you like knitting, you just won’t find guys there.

It can be anything, a literary, animal, cooking, archery, badminton, pottery, etc. club. If you don’t have a hobby, you might want to get one, and quick. A club that is concentrated on one hobby can be considered the best place to meet singles. Why so? Because you already have something in common and your conversations won’t be awkward.

Dog parks

In dog parks people come to unleash their furry pets, so they can have fun. It’s completely acceptable to talk to an attractive woman if your dog is somewhere nearby playing with her dog. It’s the best way to break the ice – when dogs have fun, people around are happy to see them having fun. Everyone is in a good mood and it’s the best time to start a conversation.

Normally, when you walk your dog on a leash, it’s a bit uncomfortable to start a conversation. For men, it’s even considered to be rude, you don’t just talk to a woman if she’s walking with her dog on a leash. But if you are in a dog park, it’s completely OK. You can also meet new friends that also consider who dogs are cute.


If your request is “singles near me” then consider volunteering. Look on the Internet what programs are available in your city and pick the most suitable. You will meet people outside of your social circle, and you might encounter your future wife or husband marriage is your purpose.

But at the same time, you can be proud of yourself. You are going to help other people or animals (if you choose to volunteer in an animal center). The good thing about meeting someone in such a place is that can be positive that this person is kind. No one would do a volunteer job if they don’t care about other people or animals.

Join church classes

Surprised to see this idea on the list? But it’s another option that can meet the singles in my area request. If you are attending a church each Sunday, you believe in God and religion takes not the last part of your life, you might want to join a church class. Of course, this is not a place to find a fling. It’s the place where you can meet someone with whom you can build a serious relationship, which might potentially lead to marriage.

That way you can find more about religion, God, you can meet like-minded people who can support you or give you advice when you don’t know what to do. And if you see a man or a woman who attracts you, you can start a conversation. Later your friendship might lead to something more romantic.

Grocery store

That’s a perfect method to meet local singles. It suits men and women, although you might hit the wrong target if he or she is in a relationship. If you’re a guy, act as if you are confused and can’t decide what to put in your cart. She might help you, and you might ask her out, eventually.

If you’re a girl, while picking oranges or apples, occasionally drop one or two if that handsome guy is near you. If he’s a decent man, he’ll help a damsel in distress. Then start a conversation, don’t forget to smile, and maybe you will meet again on a date.

Attending classes

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Instead of googling “singles bars near me”, you might want to consider more meaningful activities, such as studying. If you are no longer a student and happy that you don’t need to study again, just consider this option. You can pick a subject in which you have an interest. You won’t have to attend these classes each day and you won’t be punished with bad marks, so why not? At least give it a try.

Lots of people consider this option as a chance to improve their skills. You might even need these skills to build up your career. For instance, knowing a foreign language is a huge bonus. But you can mix business with pleasure – while studying, you can meet someone significant and build a strong bond.


Above-mentioned options are not the only available approaches. You can meet someone at a bus station, on a bus, after joining sports clubs, at the gym, and of course, at bars or clubs. There is one advice so you won’t lose your chance – keep your eyes open. Someone might be checking you out and encouraging himself or herself to approach you and start a conversation. So be attentive, and don’t walk by!

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