Where to Meet Women

Men and women face the same problem – where they can find someone who can become their significant other. Or at least where to find someone with whom you can spend time and have fun. It’s common that men are the first to take the initiative and to start the conversation with a woman. But where you can meet someone to start this conversation?

It sometimes seems that all the beautiful and smart women are either in relationships or even married. But of course, it’s not true. You just need to know where to meet women. In fact, you already know some places to meet women, such as bars or pubs, clubs, some restaurants. But those are not the only places where to meet girls. In our article, we will give you some hints. You will find our top of the best places to meet women – you will be surprised.


You’ll kill two birds with one stone. You might improve your physical shape, which is always a good idea, and you can meet an attractive woman. You can join a workout group, or you can just casually start a conversation by asking something. You can also join a sports club if you’re not into all these stationary bicycles, elliptical trainers, etc.

Sports clubs, for example, running clubs, might vastly expand your social circle. You can meet people with similar interests, find new friends, and you can accomplish your goal – find someone significant. But bear in mind one thing – if you are looking for a fling and you are hoping to stay in that club, you should find another place to where to pick up women. If you break up eventually, it will be too weird to see her on a regular basis.

Volunteering Events

Another situation where you kill two birds with one stone. You can actually accomplish something meaningful and good in this life, you just have to pick a suitable volunteering program. You can help with kids, in the hospitals, in animal shelters, etc. Such activity will bring positive changes to your life.

First of all, you will have an opportunity to help. But second of all, you might meet a woman that definitely has a kind heart. So, participating in volunteer programs is actually one of the best ideas to meet someone significant.

Dog Parks

Everyone loves dogs. If you are so lucky and you have a best furry friend, you can take him for a walk into a dog park. Your dog will be happy, and you can start a conversation with a woman. It can be considered as the best place to meet women since it’s easy enough to find someone who is attracting you. Lots of people have dogs and they bring them to play in the dog parks.

Coffee Shop

These small cafes always have cozy atmospheres and it’s easy enough to start a conversation, especially during peak hours. You know why? Because all the seats are taken and you might ask a woman whether you can sit by her table. Most likely she won’t mind, especially if she’s not waiting for a friend or a boyfriend (let’s just hope she’s single).

Attending Dancing Classes

Who told you that dancing classes are not for men? Well, that’s not true since attending dancing classes gives you an opportunity to meet women. Can you imagine how many women need dancing partners? Yes, that is why you need to attend dancing classes.

You might also improve your dancing skills and use them during parties. You will expand your social circle and might find new friends. And of course, you will have the opportunity to meet a woman. It really helps, especially when you don’t have the flirting skills (when you casually touch her hand, etc.) Instead of awkwardly touching a girl’s hand and ruining the moment, you will have physical contact during dancing, and this really helps a lot.

Attending Other Classes

Whether you want to improve your Spanish/German/French, or if you have no idea how to cook, you can attend classes. Just figure out what skills do you want to improve and google where you can do that. Try to choose those types of activities that are interesting for women. For instance, literature, language, etc., classes.

Attending Social Events

Since those events are social, various people are attending them. Even if you fail for the first time, you might meet like-minded people or you might simply have fun. Increasing your social circle is a good idea since new friends might know someone, who is single, and they can arrange a date for both of you.

It might sound a bit old-fashioned – dates arranged by friends, but it’s one of the best approaches. Friends are interested in your happiness, and they won’t recommend you, someone, who has a bad personality or who might not fit you. So, try not to miss those events, even if you consider them to be boring.

Wine Tasting

If you like wine and you would love to find out more about different types of wine, you could consider wine tasting. First of all, it’s a pleasant way of spending time. Second of all, wine tasting events have a special, relaxing atmosphere. People are in good mood, relaxed and enjoying their time. So, it’s the best moment to start a conversation. It’s one of the most beneficial ways to start dating.

Dating Websites

It’s not a “place” in the traditional sense, but you really can find single women. You won’t have to guess whether she is single, you just write her a message and start a conversation. A good thing about these websites is that they allow you to find someone according to your preferences and location. You can check such websites, as lovingfeel.com, matchtruly.com, etc.

So, now you can see that bars and clubs are not the only places where you can meet someone. If your male friends ask how to meet women, now you know the answer. And if you think about it more, you can find even more places.

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