Dating Profile Examples

Generally, the easiest way to find the love of the whole life is to create an account in the well-known and powerful dating online platform. However, keep in mind that in case you want to be in the limelight, you should update a marvelous, instructive, and engaging profile. Your account on the dating website is like your face in life. So, when you understand all the importance of it, try to make it as good as you can. There are a lot of ways to create a bad profile. But do you want to miss attractive ladies? Besides, every woman, first of all, pays attention to the profile of the user. When she likes your page, she will gladly communicate with you. That is why your profile should win the hearts of all females. Now, let’s create a profile of man, every woman is dreaming about.

Dating Profile Examples

It is a well-known and working wisdom that it is better to see once, then to hear many times. Do you agree with it? Let’s see a few good and less good examples to create your ideal profile in the Tinder platform or so on.

Good Example

“I have just come from the tour in Europe, and I am looking for a soul mate who will share joy not only of our common next trip but also of my whole life.

So, the things you need to know about me are: fond of traveling and cooking, prefer to do sport rather than lazy activities, like to talk and laugh a lot. In any difficult life situation, I try to stay positive. I believe in people and that I will meet a worthy person here who needs love and support. I want to give all my care and tenderness to my partner.

Do you also think that even in the brightest life without love, something is lacking? Looking for a devoted companion and a lover who can create a cozy home? Congratulations! You found me. I love women who like homemade cuisine, eggs with pancakes for breakfast, and baked meat for dinner. And what do you like? I’m sure I can cook it. Write to me, and we will prepare it together!”

Bad Example

Try to avoid creating bad and boring profiles:

“Hello! I am Clyde, and I am searching for my Bonnie. I am a newcomer here, and I am decided to take a risk. I am fond of laughing, and I can see a glass half full. Do you like it?  I like both staying at home and walking around the town. Also, I am a very talkative gangster, but my old friends hate me. They tell me that I am boring and annoying pepper.

If you want to become a part of the detective story in your real life, write to me, and the police will find us in dangerous love!”

Also, keep in mind if you want to show yourself from one side (like a traveler, athlete, hobbyist or extravert) you should write only about this field of your life. Let’s see the example of the athlete’s profile:

“I am keen on sports. I have a sportive body and strong hands. I can protect you from your evil enemies and the whole world from the alliance. I prefer running, jumping, basketball, golf, and skiing. Do you want to spend hours in the gym together with me? Do you want to make your body strong and hot? Write to me, and we will play games together.”

Tips on Creating an Attractive Profile

Complete Profile Entirely

Fill in all empty fields in your profile to show that you are a curious person. When the profile is half-empty users can imagine that you are a short-spoken or silent person. It will decrease your chances significantly.

Avoid General Statements

You can play a lot of roles and wear a lot of masks. However, it is recommended to be honest here. You can write as a psychologist or like a philosopher, but try to describe your feelings, purposes, and desires. It’s all about you.

Keep It up to Date

Try to keep your profile closely to your life. Whether something has changed, write about it. For example, you wrote about spring when you created your profile. Now, autumn has already come. You need to change the information. Otherwise, people will presume you don’t use your profile as well.

Add a Good Nickname

Create a simple and effective assumed name.  Continually, the user name should single out you of the rest of the crowd, but also it should correspond to yourself. Assume name shouldn’t contain sexual overtones. It is better to make up a humorous nickname, then dull. It is better to be Sun bean than DirtyJack.

Put Eye-Catching Status

This piece of information will be shown all the time together with your nick. You don’t need to write information about yourself here or something like that. You asked to write down only one your favorite quote from a book or film. Who knows, maybe your future love will be attracted certainly by this short sentence.


Overall, you now know some useful tips, which will help you to reach the primary goal of your life and meet your love. Don’t rush with updating your profile. Likewise, you need to do it bit by bit, and all will be in the best way for you. Let these tips make you a relation for a whole life.

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