What Is a Toxic Relationship

Happiness is a category of everyone’s life, which seems too easy and simple for understanding. This category was in the subject of many psychological, philosophical, and medical types of research. Despite it, no definition of happiness will fit every person. It just means that everyone has their own king of happiness. However, there’s one common problem, which can ruin the life of any happy person. It is a toxic relationship.

What Is a Toxic Relationship?

Toxic relations – is a type of mutual treatment that brings emotional and psychological tension. It manifests inter people who have close and lasting communication. When you feel like accused, ashamed, or used usually after a conversation with a person, be sure that you are dealing with toxic relationships. When you regularly feel uncomfortable in your relationships, try to stop for a minute and look around to find what has changed. Maybe it’s only just temporary turmoil, and it will go away. On the contrary, if you feel exhausted and you’ve got a desire to refill your “battery,” it is an anxious sign of toxic relationships.

The reason for toxicity is always personal. It can depend on the way a person was raised. For instance, if a child saw that father accused mother because of the strong tea or not salted meatballs, the child can keep it in mind and use this in his own relationships too.  Another reason can exist in adulthood. Supposing a person doesn’t want to arrange actions or even discuss it. In this case, relationships have to deal with manipulations. One person in a couple tries to achieve the goal by arguing and threatening another. The main reason here is the dissatisfaction of needs. Of course, when dissatisfaction arises, the person does not want to take responsibility for it. It is easier to accuse someone of it. A person cannot control emotions if he or she hadn’t been taught to do it.  By the way, many reasons for such behavior can be revealed. However, it is better to focus attention on the signs and solutions to this problem.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

You see only walls instead of the doors that were there at the beginning of this relationship.

Probably before your relationship, you were a totally free and independent person, and you only made a decision at work and in-home. But now it all has changed at all.

You Can’t Decide Anything Without Your Partner

You can’t decide anything without the agreement with your partner. If you want to go for a walk with your friends or colleagues, you are not allowed to do this.

Your Life Is Controlled

Your life is totally controlled from the early morning until late at night. One of the symptoms of toxic relationships is, for example, when you’re changing your preferences to please your partner or neglect things you’ve enjoyed before: make-up, using a mobile phone, sleeping habits or so on.

You Aren’t Growing as a Person

Moreover, you begin to notice that your partner tries to stop your personal development. It’s awful when your opportunities are locked into the jail. Especially it’s hard to make when you hang out with your partner together.

You Are Being Manipulated

Your emotions are ignored and became a subject of manipulations. Most people enter into relationships with big enthusiasm. It is normal to go with head into the overwhelming, sincere, and full of emotions love. Also, it is quite important to balance this love with the same amount of care for yourself.

Toxic people are always looking for their own benefits.  They have a weak personality, whose uncertainty generates distrust and the desire to control their partner. Toxic people may feel scared of the possibility of another person picking you up. And this leads to continuous surveillance and uncontrollable jealousy.

Luck of Trust

There is a lot of falsehood in a relationship. Trust makes the base of a healthy relationship with the person you love. However, when trust is violated, it needs much time to renovate it. For example, if you said: “I didn’t tell about it him, but I didn’t lie too.” In this case, inactivity and silence are also considered as a lie.

Passive Aggression

Passive aggression displaces communication. Passive-aggressive behavior has different forms, but in general, it manifests itself in the negative. Instead of saying what a person feels or what upset her or him, she or he resorted to subtle, irritating gestures directed against another person. It is also a feature of toxic relations. In healthy relationships, partners are talking about their problems, feelings, and worries. Keeping silence and store negative emotions is not the right way to build relations with the person. Now or then it can burst.

You Don’t See Future Together

Mutual future is still a dream. Healthy relations are full of stability and confidence in your near future life with the person you love. In your relationships, you try to make together plans for the next day, months or years. In spite of this, in toxic relations, you live with the warm memories of previous years, but you don’t focus on your current life. It is just a red signal to worry.


Physical or verbal abuse. Generally, it is the worst actions you can deal with. It is the last drop in the relationship. When your partner tries to persuade you to do something by abuse, most probably it’s time to break up. However, don’t hurry and keep a level head.


In this article, we’ve mentioned only a few signs of toxic relationships. If you feel that the relationship of your dream begins to burden your life, you have to start searching for the reason. The next step is to talk to your partner. Tell your special one how you feel, explain your disappointment and misfortune. If you find that this does not motivate the person to help improve the situation, or if you believe that there is no way to fix it, you should get out of it. Your peace of mind, emotional health, and integrity should be in the first place, so never doubt yourself.

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