How to Attract Women

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When you only start the big adventure of attracting women, or you did this so long time ago that you forgot how they look, women begin to seem unapproachable creatures who will humiliate you and eat your brain the very moment you will say hi. Gentlemen, I love to break it down to you – we are not!

What Attracts Women to Men

The first step is to overcome your fear. At least to that point where you are not afraid to look at someone and greet them. This is vital. Your concern in this kind of things is your greatest enemy. You have to realize that women are ordinary people, they can get shy as well, and the worst scenario possible is a polite rejection. Yes, we won`t eat your brain, and a meteor isn`t going to fall on your head. So breathe in and out, and let`s dive deep into the art of charm.

Ways To Attract Women

I`ve been looking at men trying to win over a woman for a way too long. As a woman myself, I know exactly what techniques are making me want to run and cry, and which ones make me want to marry a guy immediately. Even if it wasn`t me who he was trying to win over. So I guess my coaching in this sphere should be considered respect-worthy. Anyway, you will definitely find something useful, even if you think about yourself as a guru of charm.

Be Passionate About Something

Here is the truth: if the only thing you are interested in is browsing the web, you hate your job, you don’t have a single hobby, it is unlikely that you will be considered as very attractive. You won’t only find a topic for conversation. So keep that in mind if you want to know how to attract a girl. Women really want to get to know something new while dating, and people who are talking about their favorite things in the world are the most beautiful. So before starting to attract women, work on things she will be invited to.

Get Friends

Actually, we get suspicious. What is wrong with him? Why does anyone want to talk to him? They are typical questions that appear. Of course, some women are attracted to the mysterious, lonely wolf, but mostly we like people who have some people around. It means that you are easy to talk to, and it won`t be awkward for us. Moreover, the kind of friends that you choose says a lot about you, because we tend to select people with the same mindset. The way you treat your friends is essential as well!

Try to Look Good

Wrinkled clothes, gross greasy hair, bitten fingernails – those are things you won`t be attracted to in a girl. Consequently, there is no slightest chance that she will consider it charming. Sometimes a little makeover, like a simple shower or carefully trimmed fingernails, can make a huge difference. If you are a fan of theory – if she is my destiny, she will love me that way I am, I have bad news for you! It doesn`t work in real life. So get your best T-shirt, and charm those ladies!

Be Confident

The rule is fake it until you make it! Adjust your body language – straighten that back, head`s up, no fussing around. Don`t forget to watch your speaking tempo and control the volume of your voice. These small things will definitely make you look better and feel better. It is our aim – you feel at your most beautiful, ladies can`t get their eyes off you. Easy!

 Eye Contact

This one is so important that I would like to write it additionally in every single step. Eye contact is a kind of technique that will attract her without you even talking to her. At the end of the day, I remembered a guy who was making eye contact with me and still got goosebumps and completely forgot the one who seemed to tell something interesting, but he was talking to the legs of mine. If you add a smile to the eye contact, it will be a bomb mix. It is the thing that I can guarantee! But don`t forget that making eye contact is not staring at her. Staring is creepy and completely uncool. 3-5 seconds will be enough. Just remember this.

Be Interested in Her

Ask follow-up questions. Laugh at her jokes. If you notice that she fell out of the group conversations, speak to her directly. Remember the little things she says. It will melt her heart, I promise. Even imagining this kind of things makes me smile.

Be Funny

We adore funny guys. From the very first joke, we can make sure that this is the person that can deal with every single awkward situation and cheer you up when no one else can. So if you haven`t got your sense of humor yet, I cordially advise you to get one.


As you can see, becoming a prince Charming is not all that difficult. If you fail at first, it is okay! Not everyone is born to be highly attractive. In that case, I have one more rule – exercise! You will find your way of getting around with women and understand what works best for you. These are necessary steps, but if you don`t feel like following them, then don`t. If being overly confident doesn`t feel like you, later don`t try. Find what works best for you, and win them all over!

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