How to Start a Conversation with a Girl

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It is okay and wide-spread to be nervous around the girl you adore. She seems to be some kind of unapproachable and perfect goddess, and you can’t imagine that she will talk to someone like you. But we have good news – it is not true. Moreover, women are nervous about acquaintances as you are!

How to Start Talking to a Girl

Everyone understands what it takes to speak to someone, so there is no need to worry. But if you feel like you just can’t grab any thought or words stuck in throat unsaid, on emergencies like these, it is good to have a back-up plan.

Good ways to start a conversation

We can help you to get more relaxed while getting to know someone, and give you some phrases you should or shouldn’t start with.

 Approach Her

It is hard to start a convo with a girl when you stand a couple of feet away, huh? So come up to her! Don`t forget to make eye contact – you will seem more confident. That’s the first thing you should remember to know how to start a good conversation. Your posture means a lot as well – a hunched and crouching posture, hands in the pockets or crossed arms show the lack of self-esteem and fear. Straighten your back, openly display your chest, look ahead, put your hands on the hips or along your body track. That is considered to be a posture of fearless, open, and confident man who is ready for action. NB! Smiling is overly important. It will make you look better and create a welcoming atmosphere.

  Ask Questions

After you said Hi, ask her about a place you are in right now, if she likes the atmosphere, about the book she is reading, what the reason of her smile is, or simply how here day was. But don`t ask why she looks sad or tired – it is not the most pleasant thing to hear how bad you look.

 Make a Compliment

Not about her big boobs, of course. Compliment the beauty of her eyes, hair, smile, her wonderful sense of humor, her style, or intelligence. If you have noticed something extraordinary, tell her. It will show your attentiveness and will make her feel special. By the way, it is essential, to be honest. Otherwise, she will quickly guess you are lying, and your compliment will become a mocking. Mocking isn`t the best way to start an acquaintance, right?


Sometimes when we are nervous, we tend to speak faster, too quiet, that sound almost like a whisper, or too loudly. You may also notice that you gesture too much, or that you don`t move at all. They are the signs that you need to relax. Breathe in and out, relax your face muscles, listen more, don`t try to fill all the silences, use tonal variations. And don’t forget that nervousness is very human, even the most confident person in the world sometimes feels nervous too! The woman you are speaking to is a human as well, and she will understand if you somehow show your nervousness.

 Observe Her Reactions

Does she look interested? Is she smiling or frowning? Does she try to hold a conversation? Look at her feet – if her feet are pointing at you, it is a very good sign. If she turns away, gets distracted easily, or simply looks awkward, it is better to leave. It is not your fault that she isn`t interested. Maybe she has a boyfriend already, or she isn’t looking for any tips right now, or she is waiting for her friend, and you`ve chosen a bad timing.


The golden rule of starting a conversation with a girl – the more is the best. If you have lots of experience doing it, all phrases and techniques will come to you naturally. Just find one of the best things to start a conversation. Online dating sites such as,,,, etc. are a good start. There you will know for sure that these women are looking for a relationship, and you can find various topics for the conversation and things to compliment on their profiles. You can talk about her education, profession, country of origin, interests, and so much more.

 Be Yourself

Last, but not least. Don`t try to pretend someone you are not to impress her. Does she say that she loves reading articles in the Times, and you hate this newspaper? Don`t say anything about your hatred, but don`t try to pretend that you like it as well. She may ask you something about the latest one, and you won`t be able to give an answer. Does she like sporty men, and you haven`t been to a gym since high school? Don`t say that you go there every day. She may invite you to go jogging together after all. The number of examples is endless. So just drop the idea, okay? You are perfect the way you are, and you shouldn`t do anything to impress people. It applies not only to the conversation with the girls but communication in general.


If you follow our easy steps, you will notice how much easier it gets every time you start a conversation with a girl. Coming up to someone isn`t that frightful as it seems, and girls aren`t hungry dragons who will eat your heart if you talk to them. As time passes, you may find that it is actually interesting and exciting, and you can find yourself enjoying the conversation with strangers. If you start right now, this moment will come quicker;)

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