How to Forget an Ex Girlfriend

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They say that getting over an ex for a male is a lot easier than for female. A couple of drinks, a boy’s night or some hot chic is all you need. However, we know that it is not valid. Breakup is equally painful for everyone. Anger, self-pity, all-consuming sadness, frustration, longing – all these emotions and even more are flooding you, and it is hard to decide where to start and what you are dealing with at this very moment. Peaky face, hunch, and slow motions – your breakup shows even on the outside.

If you are looking for a guide on how to get over her within a couple of days – we shall disappoint you, it’s hardly possible if you were into her. Step-by-step rules don’t exist as well, because it differs from person to person, and everyone finds their way of getting over an ex. However, we are ready to share some options to follow, so that you can find the one that works best for you.

Let Yourself Feel the Pain

There is nothing wrong with feeling pain and sadness after the breakup. After all, you have shared a lot of happy moments, and she was the person who knew you so well. Take a moment to cope with your feelings – you are not some machine that processes everything in a minute. Your pain is what makes you feel alive and very human, so don’t try to hide it deep within your soul. Still, don’t drown in the self-pity completely – 3-7 days will be enough. If you can’t pull yourself together for a long time, maybe it is a sign that you should ask for some professional help.

Realize: It Is Over

If you try to convince yourself that you can get her back and still have your happy-after, you need to stop. Films, songs, books – whatever put this crazy idea in your head, forget it. Why? A) People getting back together after a breakup and being happy in relationships is as rare as red bananas.

  •  She will most probably reject you, and it won’t do a great job for your self-esteem.
  •  She will feel awkward.

Maybe she’s told you that you can still be friends, but come on, in most cases, it is told not to hurt your feelings even more. So when you try to talk to her or casually stop by her house, she won’t be probably all that happy and enthusiastic. So just drop the idea, okay?

Stalking Is a Big No-No

Remember, when we told you about no rules concept? Yeah, maybe there is one. There are enough reasons to make it turn this option into a rule.

First of all, it is creepy. Would you be happy if it is three in the morning and you see likes on the photos posted two years ago from a girl you’ve dated in the fifth grade? We might assume, the answer is no. She won’t be happy as well. Secondly, it will make you feel even worse than unfollowing her everywhere and not knowing what is going on with her. Her bright smile and a new man by her side won’t make your day brighter in any way possible. Imagine: your healing process is almost over, then you see one of the new photos and congrats, you are back to the beginning! Thirdly, getting over often means forgetting, and seeing her face every day on social media doesn’t sound like forgetting, right? So start unfollowing her. Now!!!


Every relationship has some lessons for us to offer. Reflect on your love story and analyze it. Ask yourself: “What new things have I learned about myself? Do I have some issues I must to work on to improve my way of handling the relationship? What have I learned about women and their desires?” After thinking about these questions, you will realize that this relationship wasn’t a waste of time or even notice when and why things had gone bad and maybe understand that it wasn’t meant to be. If you do, then it will be so much easier to get over this breakup.

Live Now

If you constantly think about your ex and happy moments you had without any purpose, you should stop. It is like looking into the Erised “It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.” It will not get you anywhere – you will never move on like that. It was, and it was good. But now it’s over. So stop chasing old memories and create new ones.

Get Distracted

As they say – there is plenty of fish in the sea. Why hold on one person forever, if someone even better is waiting for you? You may not want anything serious, and it is okay. In that case, you should try online dating out. If you don’t feel like it, parks and cozy cafés are still great places to meet someone. You have many choices – so just go for it.


As you see, getting over your ex-girlfriend is hard, but it is possible. Try our options out, and see where it will get you. One more rule – don’t do things that don’t feel like you. If something is way off your league – skip it. Otherwise, it will get awkward, and awkward is not good. Do what is comfortable with you, and everything will be fine. We hope that this article was helpful, and you will deal with the breakup as soon as possible.

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