Staying Single for Ages?

Everyone is kissing, hugging, stupidly smiling! Gross! But we all know that we say it because of envy. We want cuddles. We want Netflix and chill. We wish to stargaze and smile because that special someone sent a message for you. But instead, we are forced to look at happy men and women who remind us how lonely we are.

If you find yourself continually asking why you are single and what is wrong with you or all other people in the world except you, this article is something that can save your soul. And love life, obviously. Those are simple and the most common reasons why your friends still send you forever alone memes. Be ready to face the truth, but remember that everything can be changed and you don’t have to be that hard on yourself. Let’s start!

  You Are Afraid to Open Ip

You always ask questions about other people, try to change the subject when the conversation gets too personal, prefer to talk about unnecessary things – that are the signs that you have to learn how to open up to people. I’ve been in the situation when I was really into someone, but when I had the chance actually to build a relationship with them, I have found one million reasons why this person is wrong for me and pushed them off. It is not how things should work. I know that you are afraid to get hurt or show every single piece of you to someone, but you know, sometimes pain is right, and it is totally worth the great memories you share with your significant other. Moreover, no matter how hard you try, you won’t find the right person from the first try. Make mistakes, fall in love without overthinking, and feel alive.

 A Relationship Isn’t Your Priority

You love your job, hobby, family, dog, or book more than anything, and you simply don’t have time for something else. It’s time to reveal a little secret – it is okay. You may feel the urge to find someone you can date just because your mom, a friend, a neighbor told you that relationships are the thing that makes us accomplished. Stop it. You can live without a link if you feel that your life is already fulfilled. Just stop caring what other people think about you being single, and enjoy your life!

 You Choose the Wrong People

Sometimes you look at the person and understand that he or she is all kind of wrong. They are abusive, bad-tempered, disloyal, liars, or you know that they are not interested in you, but somehow you end up being madly in love with them. If you believe that like a character of all those romantic movies you can change them, bad news, you most probably can’t! It is one of the most significant issues of these movies – they create false expectations, and showcases that happen once in a century. No one guarantees that you won’t become one of those characters who have their hearts broken by such kind of people. Stop this tricky pattern today, and don’t let that person ruin your life.

You Haven’t Moved On from Your Ex

You see this great guy or miraculous girl, and they are so your type, but then you start to compare them with your ex. It’s when things get terrible. It’s ruining your life, okay? You won’t find someone who is exactly like your ex. You don’t need someone like your ex. If you feel like you can’t move on for a way too long, speak to someone about that or get some professional help. Obviously, you can’t date someone else until you move on, so that means that if you don’t ask for help, you may stay single for nobody knows how long.


You know your type – dark hair, blue eyes, charming smile, skinny, a small mole on the right hand. When you meet someone, you tick every point, and if something is not as you imagined, you don’t consider this person anymore. You know that you’ve said no to lots of people who could have become your soulmates, right? Appearance is not everything. If someone has blonde hair but has a magic personality, go for it. Let yourself to be flexible in your criteria, and you will notice that there are so many attractive, caring, and loving people out there that you didn’t see because of your stubbornness.

You Don’t Go Out Much

This one is my favorite because it was totally one of my reasons. I was sitting at home, reading books, watching tv series, and freelancing. Was I leaving my apartment? No. But I still asked myself why I don’t have a relationship. Now I realize how stupid of me it was, but at that moment it didn’t even cross my mind that my soulmate can’t meet me in my apartment. The solution is surprisingly easy, go out. If you don’t feel like leaving your books – take them to the coziest coffee shop in the city, and read them there. It will even give someone a topic for the conversation with you. You are not into big parties – forget them. Take a walk in the park, go to the gallery you’ve always wanted to visit, call your friend, and get acquainted with her other friends. You don’t want to leave the house at all? New age did everything for you – online dating platforms such as,, will open you a brand-new world of international dating.


These were six reasons why you still haven’t found the love of your life yet. You just need to make some effort, and all these problems will disappear, and love will knock on the door, I promise. Start changing your habits today, and get a new life tomorrow.

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