How to Write a Dating Profile Which Attracts Ladies


21st century is amazing. There are so many possibilities that some people get overwhelmed and can’t use them properly. One of those endless possibilities is online dating, and I hope that you won’t miss it. It is easier than meeting someone in real life, free of worrying whether this person shares any of your values, and allows you to lie wrapped up in a warm blanket and tell what a hot guy you are. Starting the online dating adventure is easy – you sign up using the name, age, and email, and within seconds you are a member of the site. Then it is the time for issues to appear.

How to Write an Online Dating Profile

A way too often men ignore the quality of their profile and rush to look at the profiles of others. That is a typical mistake, and I have a standard treatment for you – try to put yourself in other people’s shoes. Let’s imagine – you are browsing the site, and someone sends you an emoji. You lighten up and rush to see who has sent it to you. Enthusiastically you open the profile, and there is nothing. Photo taken with the help of toaster and hotguy1995 for username is all you have to decide whether or not answer the message. Let’s count – what are the chances that she will choose to respond? The answer is somewhere below zero. That is why I will never get tired of pointing out how important it is to take your time and fill out your profile carefully.

So when we agreed on the overall importance of this act, it is just the right time to get some tips on how to write a good dating profile. I can vividly imagine this picture when you sit in front of the laptop trying to think of what to tell about, and there is a tumbleweed slowly rolling through your head. Warning! The great news is coming! You are not alone. I’ve been in this situation for too many times to count. It is one of the reasons I’ve decided to create this article about how to write a dating profile. Some easy steps and you have your profile beautiful and attractive.

What to Write on Dating Profile

 Choose the Photo

Let’s be honest here, okay? The first thing we look at is a photo. That is why you need to get the best one. Find your best angles, grab the friends who will be patient enough to take the best picture, put on some decent clothes. You are ready, my friend.


We are lazy. Large paragraphs of text out brain ignores the same way it does with big numbers. Try to adjust your writing to the needs of modern society, and you will get more messages.

 List Is Not the Best Option Here

  • Ambitious
  • Funny
  • Honest
  • Nice

It doesn’t look right. It is completely uninteresting. It doesn’t say anything about you. So it’s better to forget lists in this case.

Tell a Story

If you mention that you are adventurous and give no proof, it is unlikely that people will get it for granted, and we are back to the list issue – it’s uninteresting. If you tell a story about how you bought a ticket and was off the next day, just because you felt like routine was crashing you down, it will get better. Women love stories; a storyteller is always a good company. So there is no surprise why storytelling became extremely popular now. By telling an account, you can become popular too.

 Be Funny

I know thousands of examples when I ignored someone’s appearance because the profile was funny as hell. I wrote them just because I thought that those people could brighten my day, and I will never get bored in this relationship. It always turns out to be accurate, so being as funny as possible is one of my biggest advice.

 State Your Interests

Everyone should have something they are passionate about. It brings so much satisfaction to listen to people who tell about their favorite things in the world. It is not only beautiful, but it also motivates you. We always try to hold on to people who inspire us because relationships based on growth and development are the best one. So don’t forget to mention things you like and the reasons why you like them.

 What Are You Looking For?

Is it one-night stand? Do you want to settle down and marry someone? Is it flirt and a couple of dates? It will help other people to sort out the profiles, and you won’t have to waste time speaking to someone who is interested in flirt while you are looking for marriage.

This point includes the appearance and personality type you want your future date to posses. Be honest about it, and don’t be afraid to offend someone. It is okay to have the criteria. The main rule here is not to talk bad things about people who are not your type. First of all, it is unnecessary. Secondly, it will make you look rude and hateful. Haters aren’t attractive at all, just remember that.

Be Honest

Providing potential dates with honest information is an essential part of creating a dating profile. It is disgusting to start a relationship with a lie. The truth will be revealed sooner or later anyway, so there is no purpose in writing that you love the sport when you don’t have a clue what is the difference between football and soccer.


They were all the basic tips that are good to consider while writing an online dating profile. At last, I want to remind you that you work on your profile for less than an hour, and the profile will work for you for months. The main rule is to start!

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