When to Meet in Real Life

Frequently, many people are getting acquainted on the Internet now. Firstly, they are friends for a long time, and then they fall in love on the Internet. It is a good theme for discussion whether there is love on the Internet or not. However, it is difficult to deny that many people have strong and deep feelings in the process of communication in the network. Mostly, they invented themselves a beautiful image of a girl or a man on the other side of the screen. It’s hard to say if they will like each other as they are in real life.

Moreover, texting and flirting on the Internet is way more comfortable. In real life, it is too hard even to talk about your thoughts and feelings. For most people, it is better to spend hours in endless texting, despite real meetings.

When to Meet?

Psychologists recommend meeting as quickly as possible. There are several reasons for it. Of course, you can communicate and flirt with letters. By contrast, they do not have that emotional content and feeling that is always in our life speech. By the way, when you write letters to your online friend, do not forget about grammatical errors. They show your cultural level. Seeing them is unpleasant, and sometimes it even repels. Also, many people can’t choose just one person. They always think that tomorrow, someone better and smarter can appear. That’s why if you really liked someone by correspondence, first try to talk to that person on the telephone to hear the voice, to evaluate the vocabulary and the ability to communicate. Do not give your home phone, but provide a mobile number. You can even buy a special phone for communication so that later you don’t have to fight off obsessive harassment and change your number. By the way, if your partner wants to meet in real life, but you feel that you are not really looking for a personal meeting, then you should wait and politely decline the offer. How comfortable do you feel when communicating with this person on the Internet? Listen to your own feelings, rely on the inner sensation and answer the following questions: is the interlocutor interesting to you, does the person feel a sense of respect, or is this person interested in you? After all, you have the full right to change your mind and do not have to deal with it at all.

How Long to Wait Before Meeting?

The time you start your real conversation depends on each particular situation. For example, one couple needs two weeks to meet, while others can spend three months texting and waiting. However, pay attention to the distance between you and your partner. If you are local, you can have, for example, a cup of tea or coffee together. It will help you to get know more about your “friend.” In this case, you didn’t need to wait long. Maybe, 3 weeks of texting will be enough for the first meeting. On the other side, if you live far away from each other, it’s better to wait before the meeting, as one of you has to overcome a long distance to meet. From the point of safety, you should know your partner at a good level. A cafe, a restaurant, an art gallery or a park are the best places to meet. It’s better to choose a crowded place from where you can go away at any moment and get home on your own.

Online Dating Etiquette

Remember that the main opinion about a person is formed in the first 15 minutes of acquaintance. Therefore, try to be goodwill, calm, and smiling.

  • Call your partner by name as often as possible.
  • On the first date, never talk about your former spouses and passions.
  • Do not talk about your illness, past love, and problems at work.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Discuss interesting themes for both.
  • Try to get to know more about your partner.
  • Don’t talk about yourself all the time.

To sum up, don’t be shy. Keep in mind that a real relationship can exist only in real life after the meeting. So, love is in your hands.

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