LoveSwans is an online dating platform that allows millions of people in the World to find their perfect match. This site assists those who want to build relationships with Ukrainian and Russian girls and women. It is a great platform for those who want to get acquainted with Slavic people and culture. The website provides you with different types of interaction live chats, camera calls, letters, etc.

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How to Use

The website is useful for the ones who want to make new acquaintances, who are seeking the people who could bring a little romantic and love in their lives. LoveSwans is available on not only the computers and laptops but also it exists as a mobile app. It is quite easy in use, you just have to get a personal page. To do it, you need to get three steps completed:


Just click the button “register” or “sigh in”, fill in all the fields in a questionnaire (name, surname, date of birth, nationality, e-mail address, and password), upload the photo of yourself and that`s it! You are ready for the next step.

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After the registration is finished, start searching for interesting profiles. Click on the word “search”, choose the criteria you would like to find a person with and just start seeking! After this, you will get the list of all the possibly attractive for you people. Sure, that is not all the work. In order to get the best result, we all need to spend at least a little time working for it.


After the search, you choose a one, two, three… (in fact, no matter how much) profiles, click on the links, go watch who is this and then decide whether to start chatting with them or not. Don`t be so shy, it`s online, so no one will ever see how you feel about that! No need any worries, just forget about it. Remember, every success comes with a little dedication to it.

Scam or Legit?

A lot of people ask “Is it a scam?”, “Isn`t it a fake”, “Are these girls over there really”. Yes, there are a lot of worries when hearing about online dating. You can be sure this isn`t a fake at all. It`s dating, so everything is quite clear: a man looks for his future girlfriend or for a wife. Every profile is live and deals with real people. So, what is the purpose for it to be a scam? Moreover, this is a great chance for lonely men to find another lonely woman. Especially in Slavic countries, where the amount of women is bigger than men, so Slavic women try to look for a man of their lives from somewhere abroad. It is well known that Slavic women are beautiful, passionate and kind. Especially Ukrainians and Russians. So the men from all the World always show their interest in meeting with them. So, this website has been made to increase their chances to become happy after getting acquainted with local ladies.

LoveSwans is one of the biggest international dating platforms that work internationally but focused on East European girls. The service has a big base of girls from Ukraine and Russia. The men can start conversations right after the creating of an account. Also, you can send messages for free, so in general, the privacy policy is that you need to pay just for the services you order.


LoveSwans has a lot of female profiles filled with all necessary information and pictures. You will find many girls for relationships or marriage from different parts of the World. The site focuses on women from Eastern Europe, mostly from Ukraine and Russia. As the site has a good reputation and is quite popular among foreign men local, women happily join the platform in order to find their love overseas. Many new girls are registering on the site every day, so the number of beauties is drastically increasing.

All the members on LoveSwans are real living people seeking for a possible wife or husband. It is a well-known fact that a lonely person is an unhappy person, so it`s no need in just sitting and waiting for something great and big comes to your life. Then start dating on LoveSwans could become a great solution for the ones who are shy and afraid of getting acquainted first. If you`re online, this shyness disappears, as the fac of nobody sees it.

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While start using one or another thing, we always hesitate whether it`s worth using or not. Sure, it`s obvious that people aren`t used to believing and trusting everything they see. From our historical experience, we know that we should not trust everything we meet and see on our lifeway. But talking about dating, we can be sure this is a great help in life for us. LoveSwans tries to make an atmosphere that can be trusted. There are scams and fake users on the site, yet it does not make the site bad. You just need to be a tad careful.

Quality of Profiles

Profiles of all the girls are informative and interesting. They contain all important info about their location, age, job, appearance, education, habits, and hobbies. By using basic and extended search options you could find a woman that perfectly fits your requirements. You can search by the age range of a lady or her eye color. Just specify your criteria and create a sort of a filter to narrow the selection. The effective search tool will easily find you a perfect match.

Sure, it`s worth to write a letter first where man introduces himself, writes a girl about his hobbies, interests in life, his family, job, what he does for a living, etc. Then the girl does the same and then they both decide whether to start chatting or not. Actually, it happens quite rarely that persons don`t like each other at all, there is always something special that keeps them talking to each other until the meeting and to get married in the final.

Pros and Cons


  • This platform represents not only Slavic women but also women from other countries.
  • High users score – 9,5.
  • Offers live and online communication (using letters, web cameras, chat).
  • It has a lot of interesting profiles.


  • Online 24/7 support service is available for premium users accounts.
  • It does not give a 100% safety guarantee.

Services and Support

LoveSwans supports you with all the necessary instruments of communication. It is commonly known that a person cannot realize what another person is like until hearing his/her voice, seeing his/her appearance.

The user may choose a lot of ways of communication: writing letters, chatting, talking on the web camera and even seeing each other in real life.

The easiest way is writing letters and chatting. Letters and chats are always available for users, they are free and do not have any limits. You can write to the person you like, get to know her better, you both can share your life`s events for each other every day till you decide to meet up for the first time.

Sure, not everyone would agree to meet up with someone without even hearing their voice or seeing their face. So, for that occasion, you can use the web camera in order to have a real talk. Also, there is a tutorship possible for girls living in countries that don`t speak English commonly.

LoveSwans provides other high-class interaction features the access to which will be available after the purchase of the advanced package.

The support team is available 24/7 for all the users to help them resolve all the problems and answers to all the questions.

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The site gives its members a great opportunity to get deep into the dating sphere, to find their true soulmates in life. If someone can`t find the right person in their country, so why not try to do it somewhere abroad? The more so, it is no need for traveling and spending money, just having a computer device and access to the Internet is enough. Real love does not have any borders and hesitations.

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