Not surprisingly, some people consider dating online as a bad idea. But some of those who feel rather negative about online dating, have probably read dreadful stories and that is why they don’t even consider dating websites as an option.

Well, unfortunately, those people miss out on a perfect opportunity to find love. Can you imagine a better system, than the one that matches people due to their preferences, hobbies, points of view, etc.? You won’t find a better system since it really does the matchmaking, and there is a higher chance to find the right person and to start a serious relationship.


One of such matchmaking websites is It was created by a group of people that believe that love is one of the most beautiful things in this life. It would be great if all the people would experience this wonderful feeling. So, they have created an interesting project where people can find love.

This is an international project, but it is mostly for men who want to find their love in Latin countries. As it is well-known, Latin women are very beautiful, smart and passionate, so a huge majority of men would love to find a woman to start serious relationships. The benefit of such a website is obvious. Those, who want to find a partner for serious relationships won’t need to spend money on trips or nothing – because it’s not guaranteed that if you arrive in a country and immediately find the one.

It’s better to find the right person first and then to travel to the chosen country, where this person lives. In this review, we will tell you how this platform is operating, what are the pros and cons of this website, and other stuff you need to know. So, if you want to have a happy marriage, check out our review!

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main page


Easy to Use

When you visit for the first time, you see that the website has a clear interface. The first impression is that it is easy to use. Those who have ever been trying to register on a dating website would appreciate the possibility to focus on dating right away. And this website clearly gives you such an option.

Most websites either never pay attention to detail, or simply ask you to insert unnecessary data which won’t help you find love. is mostly concerned with those characteristics and parameters that would help in finding the perfect match.



The style of the website is modern and optimized. By optimized, we mean that it is easy to find whatever category you are looking for. The colors are conservative, not bright but eye-catching. Luckily, you won’t find the advertisement here, so nothing will distract your attention.

It is clear that this website is designed thoroughly and every category has its place. The impression is that this platform is actually easy to use. When you need to log in, you immediately see the field where you have to enter your login and password. If you need to register, the problem with understanding which information you should fill in never occurs.

If the person is using for the first time, everything is easy due to the convenient design and absence of unnecessary buttons or annoying advertisements. Registration takes a few moments and you only need to fill information about your preferences and who you want to find. After that people can check out the website and proceed with uploading photos and other stuff.


As we already mentioned, registration is quite simple. You actually might fill in only the required information, skip the part with uploading photos, so that you can check whether the website fits your needs. And when you decide to stay here, you can upload your photos and complete the profile.

It is highly advised to add all the possible details in order for the system to find the appropriate candidate for you. The registration is completely free, so anyone can create an account here. However, some rules protect women who use this website. In order to exclude men with unserious or malicious intentions, users won’t be able to interact with registered ladies before they buy a certain amount of website credits.

Do not consider such a model as a scam – it’s not, most matchmaking websites with successful results which ended in marriages, use such a model. Most people that have an intention to have fun, leave the website when they are asked to pay in order to use all the available options.

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If you really want to find your love in one of the Latin countries, complete these steps:

First Step

Insert such data as your name, e-mail and create a password. Choose the password wisely, use general safety tips that include the usage of letters/numbers in the password. The e-mail address is required in order to send a verification code or link. If you don’t receive this letter, check “spam”.

Second Step

Add personal information and be very thorough. If you add all the possible details, the chances are higher than the system will find the perfect match for you. This information also includes age, hobbies, and don’t forget to upload your photo or several photos.

Third Step

Then you can complete a questionnaire. It requires answering questions about your preferences, who you want to find, for example, a wife, what traits you appreciate and what behavior you won’t tolerate, etc. Thus, the system can find you, good candidates, considering your preferences. But you can also use search and seek potential partners using search filters.

Profile Quality

One parameter that you might consider, is profiles of women that are registered. A quick scan of those profiles proved that most of them contain full information about ladies, their photos, preferences, etc. This means that most of them are interested in finding a perfect match, which is why they complete the questionnaire and post various photos.

But of course, the information that is posted is used only to match people that have the same interests. But when the system matches you, both will still have topics to talk about. Men can check the profile of one or several ladies and after analyzing these accounts, he can decide, with whom he wants to start a conversation.

Search is very convenient and simple to use. If you want to find a candidate quickly, just pick the age and some preferences. If you would like to narrow the options, use all the filters. For example, pick habits, age, body type, etc. At the same time, you will receive a list of perfect matches. Those are the candidates that have similar or same interests that you have inserted in your profile.


The first thing that will calm you down, is that since you pay for using the website, you are protected from scams. The website uses a safety policy that requires account verification. No one with malicious intentions will benefit from you. also uses safety protocols and protects all personal data.

You don’t need to be worried about losing your bank account or that your personal information will be given or sold to third parties. The website has strict rules that require respect for people’s privacy. No one even will find out that you are registered here, except for those with whom you will start conversations in order to find a date.


As it was said above, the website is 100% free to register. When you create an account, you receive an opportunity to search for candidates. Anyone who is registered and verified can see photos and read the information in the profiles for free, so they can decide whether this website fits with their needs. But if you want to interact with users, you will have to pay for that. There is a number of credits that you need to buy in order to start a conversation.

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Pros and Cons


  • Cute and beautiful women are registered there.
  • Registration is completely free.
  • You can use translation services.


  • No monthly subscriptions available, so you need to refill your balance once you run out of credits.


After analyzing the website, registered users, functional peculiarities of the platform, we have to say that it is good. It offers paid services but only to make sure that everyone registered is OK and won’t have a negative experience. Profiles are filled with information and photos, all women are beautiful, they have goals in their lives and would be happy to find men who would appreciate them.

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